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  1. a lot of us are suffering with this issue. Think its more to do with incompatibly of bluetooth versions of software. I was hoping with the latest update of android 4.4.3 which has bluetooth updates would solve the issue. It didn't The manual is on here. A downloadable pdf or you will find it in your car manual depending on age of car http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/7742-manual-oem-bluetooth-phone-manuals/
  2. had my set pinched years ago. Bought some richbrook titanium anti theft ones to replace them. Still on now and are good quality. They dont rust inside either which you need to be carful of with some cheaper ones
  3. will it fit RHD. Biggest problem
  4. Me and another designer here at work did the final promo sequence for the BBC before it cut to the FIA feed for Monza. Hope some of you saw it
  5. don't see the point, they may visit but not post. Nothing wrong with that. AlsoI havent seen any setting for changing their title according to activity, only post count
  6. UKEcig Store do them but mainly out of stock but for 2 flavours http://www.ukecigsto...rgin-vapor.html yeh the decent branded 100% VG always seems to be out of stock. I guess they must be much harder to make. I just cant get on with PG (even an 80/20 mix) you could make your own. suprsingly cheap to do. Some DIYs on youtube
  7. quite a rare system. Only seen a couple in the UK
  8. Just got 4.4.3 yesterday. Not tested yet if this fixes the issue with Bluetooth dropout yet. Fingers crossed
  9. UKEcig Store do them but mainly out of stock but for 2 flavours http://www.ukecigsto...rgin-vapor.html
  10. seems some reviews of this and its ok. They all seem to slag off the zodiac star system for locking it which is naff. There are alot better mods out there
  11. we can easily add a new title for the post amounts of 10k & 20k but as Lexx stated we are kind a happy with where its at. Unless of course you members think otherwise
  12. you are limited to the number of lines in a signature. I'm guessing you are exceeding the limit with what your trying to do
  13. M13KYF


    undertray missing?
  14. is this the same chap from the facebook page asking the same question
  15. M13KYF


    terrible. you have a zed not a gt-r
  16. sorry to read this, great to hear though that your wife wasn't hurt
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