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  1. 15% off with this code JOYEAS15 from Joyetech.co.uk
  2. Really enjoying the Delta II. Its better than Atlantis and subtank. Tons of flavuor and vapour and better juice feed IMO than the subtank. It happily runs along at 45w with a 0.5 ohm coil. Atlantis need to get out there organic cotton coils. Think this will bring them back up to the same level as the other two tanks. This I heard wont be till next month due to Chinese new year. Totally agree on the dripping. To much fuss for me. I have two drippers that I haven't used in months.
  3. I'm not sure you saying you have a friend who friggs your MOT on a public forum is wise
  4. it was done when i bought it, cant imagine it being too hard! unless there are holes whenits removed, if so i guess youll need to fill them and respray! the whole badge is recessed in on the front so a bit more difficult than you imagine
  5. Sorry for the outage today. Back up now as you can see, otherwise you would have trouble reading this
  6. Ian now joined http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/94573-2jz-conversion-kit/
  7. title amended. 52mm would look terrible and I dread to think what the handling would be like
  8. +2 had to change mine last year. It was 10 years old
  9. only £12 delivered Sweet, definitely worth a look at that price http://www.checkandvape.co.uk/product/boomboom-revolver-coil-jig-free-uk-delivery
  10. yeah been using the screwdriver set myself but thought i'd try one of these. Not used it yet but the reviews are good and its better than the Kuro Concepts jig
  11. some nice kit, some of mine origen genesis v2 sigelei 150w with the lemo squape reloaded also got a vaporshark rdna30, aspire atlantis, russian rta, kangertech subohm mini and some aspires.
  12. the iclear30 is to be honest SHITE start with a aspire nautilus or a beyond vape silo tank. Both use the same coil but the airflow is much better on the silo but wont fit your vtr. I would recommend the Eleaf Istick 30w. You can get these for £30 and it will have more power and is a lot smaller than your current device. Eclearvape do the istick for £30 http://eclearvape.co...&product_id=299 setup will look like mine I do have a couple of kangertech aerotank v2. Don't want a lot for either of them and they have a new coil in. Can send you a photo of them if you wish
  13. Images displayed correctly. Next time just copy the Direct code from photobucket and paste that into the box when you click the image icon when creating a post
  14. M13KYF

    Welcome Torqen

    cant really say welcome as many of you will already know the two guys behind this new venture TORQEN. Octet (Adrian) & Taras from RT Performance will be able to tell you plenty more shortly.
  15. see my previous post. You should of received a validating email where a email is sent to the email address you have put on the account. Either you have entered a incorrect email or the email sits in your spam box. The message you received is just automatically generated by the software about the adminstrator. Its just a process.
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