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  1. Distance 37 miles. Time 1 hr 15 mins. Were they on a push bike ?? (take care up there theses days,last bank holiday NW Police had 3/4 unmarked police cars 'observing/following' groups of cars)
  2. Always nice to be able to see what you are stealing.......(someone's already nicked your spare wheel ) A little too bright for me.
  3. Not tailored, but this is the type I use when getting in and out with a wet suit or dry suit on. Used specifically because they are waterproof. They are not fitted though,they sit on top. http://www.ebay.co.u...jGb9bGpo8I10FUQ
  4. There's one on fleebay. But heavy postage charge. http://www.ebay.co.u...9MAAOSwUKxYdVMs EDIT........ there are bloody loads on fleebay...
  5. What Colin said ^^^. And also the 'S' button is not a sport button, it's the 'Syncro Rev' button.
  6. ChrisS

    I used to own a Zed

    A blast from the past. 2009 Six months before she was sold. The 370 in 2011 ( known as DULL FUC ) Fast Intentions exhaust. A little too loud for a lot of people. Sold in 2014
  7. Merry Christmas mate. From Steph,Liam and I. Bit of a 'time warp' hearing from you.
  8. ChrisS

    Frozen door

    Is that stuff pretty good then ? As far as I'm concerned the best. Some will say you can use silicon grease or vaseline. But if the wife or daughter got that on there clothes it would be a bugger to get out and I'd be in the poo. So at 5 or 6 quid and the fact that the one I have, I've been using since '09' when I got my 350. To me it's the best and a bargain. (I do our 4 cars probably 2/3 times a year and it's still going)
  9. ChrisS

    Frozen door

    Time to "Gummi Pflege" your door rubbers. Have a google.
  10. HOLY thread revival.... (original 03/11/....2009... ) New stuff wasn't invented back in the dark ages when you were a boy.....
  11. Hugh. Everyone has a right to be ugly......... just not to abuse that right.
  12. DJI 3 and above have built in software so they can not enter certain air space. Airports,MOD etc. The others, I know not. But...... What man can make......man can break. So people will hack the software and remove it.
  13. Get insurance and see the CAA guide lines. (someone I know,still does not have insurance--naughty boy) Rumour has it that some people are getting restless about privacy etc.
  14. Glad you had a great time. Dads looking good,say Hi from me to him.
  15. The bosses I had (40+ year olds) in the late 70's all said that, the who played where and when was tweaked so England had favourable conditions,travel, grounds,fan access etc. and the other teams not so favourable. ( The facts of which I have never checked. )





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