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  1. Rotors and rear calipers sold. Front calipers available £300.
  2. Not long till next month.....
  3. Rotors and rear calipers sold. Front calipers available £300. Brembo calipers and dba rotors Brembo 350z brake calipers taken from a low milage 2009 HR. £550 DBA 2 piece front rotors, retail £650+. - £300 DBA 1 piece rear rotors retail £350+. - £150 Calipers, front and rear rotors - £850. If bought all together I will also include ferrodo ds2500 which came off the car, still have plenty of life left. Front and rear rotors - £400. All prices are for collection, postage possible but due to the weight this will be in addition to the price above. I would like to sell this as a complete set so will wait for 2 weeks before I agree to split, I will then sell separately on a fist come basis so get dibs in now if your interested
  4. A supercharged z is great. Yes you can do it to a standard one but please do it with the view that your adding a significant amount of strain onto the engine which will find any weak points..
  5. OllyB

    Rays ce28sl

    No should be able to get hold of them. Just wondering what choice there would be when it comes to replacing them...
  6. OllyB

    Rays ce28sl

    Only do a 275/35 in the mps4....
  7. OllyB

    Rays ce28sl

    The mps4s seem to only be available in 19. I know the mpss are being discontinued which is what concerns me, what alternatives are recommended in the 255/275 40 18 size?
  8. OllyB

    Rays ce28sl

    The waiting game begins...... 6 weeks to delivery.... Went for 9.5 ET 22 front 10 ET 20 rear in the end on the recommendation of rays direct. Now to find tyres. At the moment I think I'm sticking with mpss, 255 front 275 rear, mainly because I'm struggling to find any others that size with a 40 profile... any suggestions?
  9. Goodrich going strong for 5 years ....
  10. Glad you got it sorted.
  11. What code reader did you buy? I've seen people saying that some just don't work with Zeds (my cheap bluetooth one works with my mom's BMW but not my Z or my dad's Mercedes). I'll buy one, I just need to know which one will definitely work with a Z. I had a cheap eBay one that worked fine but only lasted 6 months. Now I use an OBDlink lx which works perfect..
  12. And this is why I bought a code reader, I have no idea but I'm pretty sure it can't be knock as it would start with a 0 which, according the the other vid needs 10 flashes and I'm only counting 7 or 8 total so probably starts with a 1 or 2... sorry need someone who's good at reading these...
  13. At least with the codes it points you in a direction...





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