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  1. not posted on here in quite some time zed still going strong 220.000 miles and counting, daily driver by choice, always fun to drive, she did decide to cause a couple of problems tho so i had to replace water pump radiator and fans fitted my purple rockercovers and new gaskets full service including gearbox and diff both auxiliary belts thermostat phew think that's about it for now I could have easily replaced the zed after she broke but I like the zed shes been with me for a very long time and is going no where, she's now back on the road and eating up those miles, and im still smiling so its deffiently worth it, couple of photo's of the zed now! more updates to come soon.
  2. Part Now Found!! Thank you all for the help!!
  3. Thank you for the reply buddy! that's really good advice I should hopefully have the new part in a few days but thanks for the alternative option it's very appreciated!
  4. Hello fellow zedders! I'm looking for a 350Z Air Relief Coolant Valve / Bleeder T piece with the screw.. if any one has a new or used one please get in touch. Part is for a 2005 350z GT roadster VQ35DE Any help would be very appreciated Many thanks Dan.
  5. Oh that sucks!! I have a family car but he keeps wanting to go in the zed :/ I'm not sure on the airbag situation it will deffiently need to be disabled for him tho... Thanks for the reply its very apprecaited!
  6. Sorry to revive a old thread but my little boy just turned 3 and has discovered my zed roadster hideing in the garage and wont stop talking about it.. he goes car loud vroom vroom bamg bamg vroom vroom .. and now he really wants to go in it for a drive.. where can i find a child seat to fit the car and anyone know how you turn off the airbag?? Any help wpuld be very appreciated Many thanks Dan .
  7. I service the zed twice a year its driven quite often, Daily driver by choice, i do have another car but i choose to use the 350z! i bought it when it was 2 years old to drive and enjoy and boy has it been a car to enjoy, I dont care about resale value as i will quite simply just repalce anything that breaks! I was looking to upgrade to a 370z but i just like the looks of the 350z, i will more then likely buy a coupe at some point, roadsters are fun but in winter a coupe would be handy, As for age and milliage dosn't matter aslong as the cars been looked after, No expense has been spared on this car and i will continue to enjoy the car for many many more years!
  8. Mines all sorted no expense spared! Roughly 3k on parts this year! Most were upgrades tho! Extremely happy with it. Runs like a dream, im sure it will go on for many many more miles! Lets try get to the moon 238,900 miles I also have a jaguar s type R 4.2 v8 supercharged beast just over 60.000 miles 4 years of ownership only had to replace the plastic pullys for metal ones and brake bads and electronic handbrake got stuck on. Looking to buy jaguar xfr after xmas!
  9. 219.000 miles still going strong (touch wood)
  10. i have priced them cheaper then getting some made just the visors cost £50 alone to be made . the sun visor fitted ok remember there covers so they just slide over the originals and are held in place buy the Velcro thats stitched on them





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