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  1. Gas strut replacement works well

    I got mine for £19.99 I will let you know where I got my new air filters for £10 each . they came today
  2. Spacer Vibration

    Is that with standard rays and tyres.
  3. Spacer Vibration

    I am not sure this is the best way for me to do this. I was going to keep my rays and just put spacers on to make the wheelbase wider just for effect but at £60 a pair or more I might be better off putting that money to a wider set of rims which will also avoid the stress on the wheel bearings.
  4. Spacer Vibration

    Hi I heard someone say that putting spacers on causes vibration, is that true.
  5. My pleasure. It is just something to get you out of a situation short term if things get a bit desperate, but it looks like you are sorted now, hope it all goes well.
  6. For what I can see in the picture and if it is essential for the car to be used, you might consider a few bits of plumbers copper pipe and/ or compression joints, or a compression T whilst you find the correct part. simple and quick to make, costs only pennies.
  7. welcome. Very nice, looks very similar to mine.
  8. Tyre tread depth with pictures

    It can be a bit of a lottery, I usually I buy from my local area, from dealers I have been buying from for years without any problems, I have never bought from Evans before, the reason I did this time was because no one in the west country has 350z's for sale, the other two I was looking at was one in Bristol and the other near Maidstone. I feel aggrieved about Evans mainly because they retracted their offer after I had paid for the car in full, they actually said to our amazement.... "I didn't say that" It is only a few tyres and a few air filters, but it is the principle here for me, you cant make them honour their agreement once the money has changed hands. They did say bring it back and we will look at the tyers, but I think that is all they will do, just look.
  9. Tyre tread depth with pictures

    Why would you disagree? apart from what I have mentioned.
  10. Tyre tread depth with pictures

    No not a heart over head purchase, there were two others I was looking at as well, I didn't need a car, I already have other cars, I just liked the z. No I did not drive the car, I have bought many cars and bikes without driving or riding them, from Main dealers and over the phone from other parts of the country without any problems. I didn't expect this to be any different, I don't automatically mistrust Main car dealerships. When they rang and said the car was ready, I expected them to be telling the truth, I have long since passed crawling around under a car, that is what I feel I am paying for, integrity, honesty and back up. This was a reputable main dealer, not a back street garage or a private sale. I did ask them to do what they said they would do, but they refused as I mentioned above. I do understand what you are saying, but I expect the dealer to be as honest with me as I am being with them.
  11. Tyre tread depth with pictures

    Inconsistencies!...do you mean something you don't understand? Would you like to explain? perhaps I can help you.
  12. Tyre tread depth with pictures

    Yes, I have the car in my garage. To clarify: I saw the z online at Evans Halshaw York 28th December last and paid a deposit over the phone. Evans H transported the car from York to the Plymouth branch for me on the 9th January when we saw it. We were told it had just had a full service and it will have a new mot when the tyre with the nail in it is changed and anything else which needs doing for the mot with no advisories. We had a call on the 11th to say the car was ready and we went in and I paid the balance. I could not drive it home because it was in the process of having a private plate put on hence no tax, so Evans H drove it to my home for me in the evening. I looked at the car the next day to find all the problems I have mentioned were still there, I went back to Evans H who denied saying " it will have a new mot, when the tyre with the nail in it is changed" saying the nail was taken out and the tyre was repaired and the existing 8 month mot will stay. I mentioned the full service and the leaves I found in the air intake boxes and filters but they were not interested in that either. I mentioned the two front tyres which I was not happy with and this was meet with the same dismissal. The private plate is now officially on the car and I am waiting for the amended logbook to return, then I can tax and insure the car and then drive it for the first time. Hope this is a bit more clear now. https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/119501-air-box-filter-cleaning/
  13. Tyre tread depth with pictures

    There was one of two the same, we chose the Blue over the Black http://www.evanshalshaw.com/search/VehicleDetails/used-car-nissan-350z--manual-petrol-other-coupe-AB08LFT/