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  1. Have not been on here in just over a year or so. Might remember me being the lad that got a zed at 18 Thought I would check in and let everyone know I'm still alive and just insured my zed for my third year (on today my birthday, actually paid more than last year due to the tax increase, paying £800 @ 21 3 years ncb) Had absolutely no incidents in my two years with it, no problems at all and still far too attached to the car. Although I have noticed recently it does use oil rather quickly Matt
  2. Pic from a while back, not taken by me, spotted it on Facebook!
  3. Because I work there, spotted twice in the last week. Once right in the back of the car park, and then yesturday parked just across from the entrance. The owner was a young guy in a white magma company shirt I think... I only know this because I happened to be at the till and watched who got in it. I promise I was not stalking anyone.
  4. On a sunday morning around 10am a few months back, had just gone round the corner from my house, Im a relatively slow driver anyway but am always especially careful around the 'neighbourhood'. Was probably going 25mph in 4th gear, producing a loud, but low burbling. There was an elderly couple walking towards me, both started shaking their heads and the women started flagging me down with her hands as if to say slow down
  5. Lol I have never been spotted either. I should probably drive mine a bit more I spotted your car in Whiteley village shopping centre quite a while back, I only recognised it as it was for sale a few weeks before hand, was one I was looking at before I got mine, must of been when you just got it??
  6. Anyone on here?? Looks completely standard, believe it was a 07 plate.....
  7. I seem to have a knack for creating entertaining topics... I knew the other driver was being a complete and utter idiot but didn't want to say exactly that as I knew he or she would not own up, it was not racing, just joined on a slip road behind said driver, he ended up being a few hundred yards ahead. Stopped at some traffic lights behind the driver, he then completely booted it down the high-street (wheel spinning and @*!#), I was turning off right, he kept on going and going, must of hit at least 70mph down a public high-street
  8. I was coming up the the roundabout pub roundabout... and heard tyre sequel, then saw a zed fly past me nearly going sideways and then shoot off. I quickly followed but you had a lot more balls than me, but my god you were really going for it!
  9. Im tempted by a TVR for my next car, if I ever do part with my zed that is. Always loved them
  10. Will put up some pictures shortly!



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