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350z Ebay Finds


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I'm pretty sure someone on here was posting these up recently to gather interest, as he was planing on making them. May be it is him on eBay. Will try to find his thread on here...

Yeah I noticed the guy looking to put these into production. Would definetly bring the cars look upto date


Yeah I remember that topic, think I posted too. However unless he was posting from Taiwan (which is where these are being listed from on eBay) I'm more inclined to believe these eBay listings are from the manufacturer/seller and the forum posted was merely going to group-buy and sell on for profit I assume?

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I don't see it. 😂😂


P.s. I'm still waiting on approval from the higher ups on the group buy. Worst case if not approved for any reason i shall pay the traders fee and sell them individually myself. But will have to warn everyone they will be dearer that way, as im currently not in the position to pay for 12 sets myself to get the discount.


Any questions please feel free to send me a PM.

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Not that it makes a huge difference to overall cost, but it bugs the cr*p out of me that they charge vat on the duty AND more so the shipping.


Think i would just prefer to pay the extra £50 from a UK trader though and have peace of mind if something went wrong/damaged during shipping :)

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