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    i felt i tram lined a little more than normal but didnt bother me at all.
  2. at the end oversteer? that was the old springs being cut out. i said to the guy wanting to take out the bottom support arms not to bother and just cut the springs so they can be lifted out easy. its so cheap to mod this car.
  3. Cheers Gareth! Thanks for the sub! should be doing some filming at the weekend but the editing takes ages! ill check the MX5 thread! thanks
  4. Hi Guys, I would really appreciate your help! So about 3 months ago I sold my much loved 350z to a great guy from Scotland. Keeping in touch and I believe he is already really enjoying driving her all over the amazing Scottish B roads. After over 2 years I spent most of my evening hours on this website and I must admit it became an obsession! Carried out loads of work to my zed and enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you clark motorsport, Tarmac, admin, gareth, Bob! and so many more! Now i have bought my self a £400 MX5, mk2, 65k milage, 2 owners, from a lovely man that just needed it off his drive. genuine bargain! so i thought i would start turning it into a track car and putting videos on youtube as its get upgraded. heres the channel..https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLxOR3kdpIHcPOE3z-QXnOw i would really be grateful if you can subscribe and like the first little trailer. I will be uploading as much as i can! All the car needed is a really good clean, alternator, battery and a service! drives like a beaut! Just put Coilers on it and its looks and driving smart! Look forward to seeing your comments! Cheers Ian
  5. I have tried a few times and never got the timing right. I'll give it ago again then take it off. Well pointed on the rotars !! Whoops
  6. Cheers, all. Gareth...yeah it's really disappointing I just don't have the space to store it. Even the pub down the road won't take 50 a month to have it in a parking bay! Really shame. Love the car to bits
  7. Cheers David, Took some time with it and really made sure all points are covered. You know what i completely forgot! i better do that tomorrow.
  8. Hi Guys, Admin i hope this thread is Ok? I am selling my pride and joy below on pistonheads. Really do not want to do it but Company car forces sale. http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/nissan/350z/nissan-350-z-v6--------------------2005/5299716?v=b this forum has been amazing to me and i really have appreciated everyones advice. I will be back with another one hopefully once I have a bigger drive or a place to store one. Thanks Ian

    Y pipe

    If I'm honest you are better just to buy new for 100, i have a second had one installed with 30k on it and cracked on the flexi. Meaning it blew more than my old one.
  10. Great car wanted one since I was 17, wheeler dealer special!!
  11. Cheers Gareth, New banana arms going on tomorrow too! Belts, oil change and A good valet!
  12. Had multiple electrical issues with my car and buster came to the rescue over the phone. Cheers Bob, you are a star!
  13. Ok, buster. The one in the drivers door, I pulled apart carpet and took that foot plate off and couldn't see it. Which set of fuses looks after that cicuit?
  14. Hi everyone, love some help tonight to put my mind at ease. First of all ...after two years of ownership, lovingly caring for with lots of servicing, complete underseal, T2 Dna discs, hawk pads, tein springs, all the paint work refeshed re-spraying front and rear bumpers, front wings and taking out any door dents, complete mop and detail, brake lines, wheel refurb, complete new scopion exhaust and y pipe...list goes on with other bits. But with all this love she's not returning me much back! Recently my the front left starting knocking badly, took it to a garage and they struggled to find the issue. 2nd told me it was the upper control arm. Replaced, but nothing wrong with it at all!! £75 plus labour down the drain. I am on here all the time and confident It is the banana arms from previous threads. took it to a 3Rd garage and what a surprise, spilt and worn bushes on the banana arms.They a going on Friday as well as belts and a service. Fingers crossed that fixes the issues. Then someone hits my car and doesn't own up, splitting the rear bumper, breaking three clips and pushing the indicator light back. Took it straight to a body shop for repair. Collected it last night and he said the rear light had blown. No big deal get a new bulb and pop it in. The repair guy got me another bulb and popped it in. Before it was put in I had all lights working other than the rear left side light. Turned it on and now I have no rear lights, no brake lights, no front side lights, no rear number plate lights. Reverse works, indicators works but I also have the EPS light on the dash, traction light on and abs lights all on. so...fuse box, checked the normally one next to the battery. None of them seem blown. The other I can't find. US sites say it's under the foot well drivers, it's not after pulling it all apart. Others say it's hidden behind the normal fuse box under the battery flap. So. Have I just blown a fuse? Is it the main easy to reach fuse box or the one hidden away somewhere. Help is appreciated!!





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