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  1. Sold in 4 days mate. Im shocked myself. Picked up this beauty 2days ago.
  2. Car is now SOLD. Admin could you please lock thread. Thanks
  3. So After MUCH consideration I have decided to put her up for sale purely because my daily has packed in. Really don't want to but needs must. ONLY 47k miles, drives perfect. Recently serviced, MOT'd and had 6 new coils fitted. 2004 54 plate 350z in midnight purple. Custom exhaust with decats (cel light on dash because of decats) Aftermarket headers Typhoon in take Aero kit rear lip and side skirts Rear window Louvers BC adjustable coilovers Brembo brakes Electric seats Facelift centre console Carbon bonnet with purple clear coat to match body Electric folding side mirrors LED rear bumper lights Throttle controller Torqen under tray 370z side indicators Debadged Rear wiper delete with hole smoothed over during paint Theres plenty more I've missed, she comes with a load of standard parts as well. Car runs perfect and has been very well looked after. Anyone who knows me or the Zed will tell u the car is a cracker and hasn't wanted for anything. PLEASE NOTE I WILL NOT BE SPLITTING OR SELLING ANY IDIVIDUAL PARTS OFF THE CAR IE THE LOUVERS. BAD POINTS Unfortunately a CAT D and I have misplaced my history folder, but don't let that put you off, found out that the first owner was rear ended and insurance company decided it was too expensive to fix. I have the log book with everything effectively the history. I had a separate folder full of receipts and service history, if I find it, which I believe I will, I shall pass this on to the new owner. Headlight lenses have splintering, I think that's what it's called. 2 front alloys need refurbed, reflected in price. Been quoted £140 from my powder coat guy to sort them. I believe that's everything. CASH SALE ONLY, NOT LOOKING TO SWAP OR PART EX! Looking for a fixed price of £6250 as is. Any questions please message me privately for more detailed info.
  4. Did the core brace need to be custom fitted to your Z mate?
  5. If u can post it (which I'll pay for) I'll take it off your hands.
  6. If I can source a new set of headlights cheap or get these ones fixed soon then ill jump in too mate.
  7. I have one that fits 2 10" subs. Located in Glasgow.
  8. Lol, I've seen u a couple times. I have the Midnight Purple 350. Im usually up Clarkston most days.
  9. Where abouts in the southside? I'm near Darnley.
  10. I want in, but ive been having some technical issues with the Z and need to wait til payday to get it sorted. Will still try and come. U got my number?
  11. So I thought I'd start a thread since I can't see one on here discussing the cryptocurrency craze that's taken the world by storm. Bit of a newbie myself and wanted to see if we have any members who know the ins and outs.
  12. Spotted you in the Enoch centre car park and parked next to you. Noticed you had an ipad centre console while having a wee nosy lol. Very nice mate.
  13. Fantastic news, great job you're all doing. Looking forward to the update.
  14. Hey folks, apologies but I won't be able to make this one now so if anyone's still looking for a spot they can take mine.
  15. Sorry we could not find a price that was suitable for you. If you wanted to PM me I'd be happy to look into this for you and see why we were so expensive. Regards Dan If I'm honest mate I'd rather not waste any more time with AF. Almost every other company I've spoken to is always cheaper than you. Maybe it's just cause it's me calling or something.
  16. So since my renewal is almost due I thought I'd give AF a chance to quote the Z. 😂😂😂😂 Over £300 dearer than A-plan. Won't be phoning them ever again. 🖕🖕🖕
  17. Do the speakers replace the door speakers?
  18. Hi James, try this template. Doesn't have sizes marked on it but if you print it off then test it with your indicators it should be the right size. https://my350z.com/forum/body-interior-exterior-and-lighting-diy/424206-370z-side-emblem-on-a-350z.html
  19. You got a link to it Semper? Thanks for all the positive comments folks. More to come when funds are replenished. So watch this space. ðŸ‘ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
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