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  1. New 370z Owner North East

    No mate not me, but I'm not far from there. My mate wants to do a shoot on the 350 so Ill message you and can get them out together. Ill keep my eye out for you as not many round Stanley/consett way.
  2. New 370z Owner North East

    Hey Jordan, Consett!!! I'm based near Beamish. Got to get the cars out for a photo shoot sometime if fancy. Welcome along btw and enjoy your stay
  3. Looked a clean 54 plate with the roof spoiler, some sort of zaust and the nismo v2 bumper
  4. Well Stuggerz here is a slight update to the thread. Bonnet fitted. As it's fibreglass I'll be getting the bonnet pins added just for peace of mind to be honest as there is some movement at speed. Shame as I love the look as it is but safety first. Currently it's using the oem bonnet release of which is holding it fine to be honest but again peace of mind would be to get pins added.
  5. Need some help from you guys

    Please close this admin. Sorted myself on the drive, piece of cake
  6. Need some help from you guys

    Slight update guys, I managed to drill the stud out myself and have just received a replacement stud from Torqen, all going well Ill have the new stud on tonight. Ive seen guides on youtube for replacing the stud on the 350, doesn't look too hard.
  7. First MOT failure in 14yrs

    I wouldn't be using the stealership dicky robbers in stripey jumpers, Id be using a forum trader and possibly go aftermarket LCA for similar price
  8. Need some help from you guys

    Well I have just got my car back from the bodyshop and it seems they've wayyyyy over tightened the wheel nuts to the point I couldn't get them off at all. Anyway I tried using a pry bar just to get more leverage and on my last wheel nut on the whole car it snapped and right at the head too so no place to grab a hold of at all. My question to you all is wtf do I do? Can I have the stud drilled out? Can the stud be replaced and is it a big job for a garage?
  9. JAE 2017 (Japanese Auto Extravaganza)

    Ill be there with my car club, really looking forward to it at the Peterborough show ground, hope there's not too many speed bumps getting in, always remember a few years ago getting stuck on the speed bumps in my Integra. Ill keep my eye out for your car, always see a good turn out of zeds.
  10. VLSD or LSD on my 350z

    MODS please delete thread, I feel like an idiot haha, spoke with clark motorsports whom confirmed all UK 350z were VLSD.
  11. VLSD or LSD on my 350z

    Morning all, After numerous searches I'm still confused as to what my 350z actually has. I'm looking to swap out the diff fluid as the idiot I'd trusted to change my oils has added some molylip to the LSD. I need this removed asap. My question is how do I tell which my car has, LSD or VLSD? My cars a 53 plate DE 350Z GT Model. Any help is much appreciated, such a noob when it comes to these things as Ive never know enough about LSD's. Sorry to be a pain.
  12. Carbon Fibre Cooling Panel

    Im looking for exactly the same cooling plate, if I find anything ill update you. Most on ebay are from usa or china with silly shipping rates. Would prefer a uk trader.
  13. 80% looks achievable, the meeting went very well with the bank last night and we are well within budget. Happy days guys can now go do some more digging on this property and take it from their. All going well the deposit will be down next month when the plots released. She mentioned to hit the 3400 marker to get it over the 20% for the int rate and based it off the 80% and we couldn't have been happier it allowed us to shave 5 year off it
  14. Learning all the time lads, thanks. Ill look into getting this up to the 20% marker definitely
  15. Ekona I just nabbed a garage drawing from a previous tender Id submitted last month to check dimensions I used to be a QS for TW North east, I'm on the subcontractors side now.