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  1. Hey all, about to order a new pair of banana arms but would like to know if there’s any guides out there to make this a simple fix on the drive. any tips or guides are much appreciated
  2. Clutches in the Z's

    It really must be swings and roundabouts with these clutches as Im still on the oem clutch at 115k miles and it hasn't once thought about slipping, touch wood. I am prepped and ready for getting a new one fitted however for when that time comes.
  3. Silver 350... what colour alloys??? Bronze...

    That'll be the stuff, halfrauds sell it. That is up to yourself to be honest, All my alloys I've done I always do three coats of each but that's just preference.
  4. Silver 350... what colour alloys??? Bronze...

    Correct on both mate, just get the paint and a dry lacquer gives you that less than gloss finish. Don’t be scared when coating up with the lacquer it looks hazy almost. Once properly dry wash the wheels down and you’ll see the true finish. its fine, just same steps as you would with any other paint just change the lacquer out.
  5. Silver 350... what colour alloys??? Bronze...

    Can’t give you a list as it was just from Halfords. Gave them the above code, bought the primer and dry lacquer from there also. I spent a day sanding, a day and half painting and a day and a half lacquering haha. So to clarify buy the paint above, then a dry finish lacquer to get the same affect.
  6. Silver 350... what colour alloys??? Bronze...

    Hey Matt, These were painted by me in my garage, halfrauds knocked it up for me in the custom tins and yup the matt lacquer. Looked dark at one angle but when the light hit them could see the bronze shine. I have seen quite a few use the BMW Sepang also, looks brilliant.
  7. Silver 350... what colour alloys??? Bronze...

    Found it, this was taken while the car was in the bodyshop.
  8. Silver 350... what colour alloys??? Bronze...

    Rob I don't have a photo of when I did my rota's but can help with a good colour that I used on my GM 350 a year ago. It's as close as I could get to the Volk bronze. The colour believe it or not was mixed at halfrauds, it's from the fiat colour range. This may help you - fiat 750 marron volciano It came out great with the dry finish lacquer. Hope this helps you and others.
  9. Tommy Kaira

    Good detail but it’s a no from me, only turtle style I’d have would have been the gear knob.
  10. Tommy Kaira

    Bought my TK badge a while ago, TK did a short re-run in japan after not producing the items for many years. Keeping a hold of the sodding thing. Mines the z logo with a line through Nearly took them up on the gear knob with the turtle badge on but they shot up in money quickly.
  11. Any meets planned this year..?

    Be interested in this myself. See how many names get put down
  12. 370z rear window Louver

    What’s the total cost parello pm me I’d prefer. I’ve been watching the Louvre gang for some time but getting one here always put me off.
  13. New 350z Owner Newcastle!

    Welcome scott, another Geordie joining the ranks. Ill keep my eye out around town, looks stunning
  14. New belts fitted and now I’ve a terrible squeal

    Well I’ve refitted the fully barged battery and the squeal was about 1-2 seconds long. is it possible to have the belts too tight? Ive now tightened the ac belt a little more (few turns and both turn 90 degrees no more) going to wait till tomos morning so the car has sat again overnight and check all again. thanks for the help guys.
  15. New belts fitted and now I’ve a terrible squeal

    Thanks rob I’ll try that tomos. Checked the vids and guide on belts altering looks easy enough. Just weird I can’t turn that alt belt 90 degrees without really putting some effort in already. I’ll tighten it a turn or so and start it up till it stops.