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  1. Many thanks all, the clutch/fly and rev up will go ahead as planned. I’ll enioy it and see what the future holds for her.
  2. Hey all, I’ve been a member on here for some time now and loved every minute, the guides are top notch and anything needed which wasn't listed someone was always on hand to help. I would like to ask you all what you feel my zed is worth. I purchased it quite some time ago and have spent a large amount of money maintaining it and keeping it to a good standard. Rear arches are solid, paintwork 97% good only negatives is small hairline crack in the bonnet but not through the lacquer and stone chips against the skirts inside the arches. It had a full spray job completed inc rear arches cut out and new metal in its place due to removing rust on the rear arches. The work was carried out by a classic car restoration company whom came highly recommended. This spray job alone cost me over £3,500. It has been on the road 5 times since that date. Mechanically the car has been serviced every year in my ownership, it comes with stacks of paperwork. The clutch is still the oem clutch but it hasn’t started slipping so this has not been changed as yet but I do have the exedy clutch and Tarmac lightened flywheel of which I am supplying in the deal for when the time comes. As you can tell I was one of those owners who bout everything, ready for the if or when. Suspension wise the car has had the banana arms replaced for new inc the bean arms. Oem w brace removed for an ultra racing brace. In my honest opinion the car is ready for an uprev and add the lightened flywheel wile you’re their, it’s actually booked in at Horsham developments but I’m wanting to see if anyone wanted it before I spend anymore. car detail: 53 plate zed GT spec OE53 reg 120k miles (roughly) should not go up too much as car is merely a toy for the summer K+N panel filter w/newer zeds airbox designed opening Plenum spacer - from trader on here Hsd coilovers ultra racing w brace - tarmac invidia gemini exhaust blue rolled tips - w/test pipes carbon rear spoiler Rockford + fosgate sub + speakers amp’d jvc headunit Rota alloys - staggered sizing (bigger to the rear) rear tinted windows nismo style v2 front bumper - rt performance nismo style skirts and rear spats- from rt Vented fibreglass bonnet Facelift rear led lights - Clark motorsports rear lower led lights - tarmac Front arches modified with 370z indicators added Id be throwing in the bonnet pins for peace of mind if someone wanted to fit to bonnet, never got round to it as bonnet closed on oem latch. Overall I hope you can see the time and effort I have put into this car, for the past year it’s been out once, it hasn’t seen the last three winters and when not in use I start it once a week and allow it to get up-to temp on its own. It is currently and has been when not driven sat on the trickle charger. No smoke only steam when started due to condensation inside the exhaust as it’s sat in the garage/ test pipes but once got nothing at all, this will be evident when someone came to buy it after the test drive etc. Genuine sale I’ve tried to be as honest as I can with all this as I want your honest opinions back. I still haven’t decided on the sale but I am thinking about it so thought this was a good place to start. If you’ve made it this far well done.
  3. There’s a mini meet on tonight, 5 or 6 zeds next door to the premier inn at white water way, Stockton, ts17 car Park next door looks like an S that’s where we will be @ 7:30 all welcome
  4. Could be bud but doesn’t get around the spoiler trouble, or is the boot a different shape? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a potential buyer of the 350 spoiler but I’d rather share others experiences than pretend it’s all good and when I read that these purchased may not be getting fitted for a while thought it would be best to advise, give em a check fitment wise.
  5. A local lad who has a nismo 370z, I have him on fb. He sent me the photos of the diffuser and spoiler. Spoiler looked brilliant but with a weeks work in a bodyshop as stated, check fitment.
  6. Some of you lads might want to get these tested. I’ve heard of two reviews re fitting on a 370z. Advised it was sold as bolt on job almost and ended up taking a bodyshop 1 week to fit the spoiler alone. Just a heads up for you guys best find out fitment sooner rather than later. Diffuser has had to be chopped up to fit in the 370z.
  7. Hey all, about to order a new pair of banana arms but would like to know if there’s any guides out there to make this a simple fix on the drive. any tips or guides are much appreciated
  8. It really must be swings and roundabouts with these clutches as Im still on the oem clutch at 115k miles and it hasn't once thought about slipping, touch wood. I am prepped and ready for getting a new one fitted however for when that time comes.
  9. That'll be the stuff, halfrauds sell it. That is up to yourself to be honest, All my alloys I've done I always do three coats of each but that's just preference.
  10. Correct on both mate, just get the paint and a dry lacquer gives you that less than gloss finish. Don’t be scared when coating up with the lacquer it looks hazy almost. Once properly dry wash the wheels down and you’ll see the true finish. its fine, just same steps as you would with any other paint just change the lacquer out.
  11. Can’t give you a list as it was just from Halfords. Gave them the above code, bought the primer and dry lacquer from there also. I spent a day sanding, a day and half painting and a day and a half lacquering haha. So to clarify buy the paint above, then a dry finish lacquer to get the same affect.
  12. Hey Matt, These were painted by me in my garage, halfrauds knocked it up for me in the custom tins and yup the matt lacquer. Looked dark at one angle but when the light hit them could see the bronze shine. I have seen quite a few use the BMW Sepang also, looks brilliant.
  13. Found it, this was taken while the car was in the bodyshop.





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