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  1. Any meets planned this year..?

    Be interested in this myself. See how many names get put down
  2. 370z rear window Louver

    What’s the total cost parello pm me I’d prefer. I’ve been watching the Louvre gang for some time but getting one here always put me off.
  3. New 350z Owner Newcastle!

    Welcome scott, another Geordie joining the ranks. Ill keep my eye out around town, looks stunning
  4. New belts fitted and now I’ve a terrible squeal

    Well I’ve refitted the fully barged battery and the squeal was about 1-2 seconds long. is it possible to have the belts too tight? Ive now tightened the ac belt a little more (few turns and both turn 90 degrees no more) going to wait till tomos morning so the car has sat again overnight and check all again. thanks for the help guys.
  5. New belts fitted and now I’ve a terrible squeal

    Thanks rob I’ll try that tomos. Checked the vids and guide on belts altering looks easy enough. Just weird I can’t turn that alt belt 90 degrees without really putting some effort in already. I’ll tighten it a turn or so and start it up till it stops.
  6. Evening all, Firstly I have used the search tool and few threads I’ve read through but nothing’s changed on the car and I’ve started to feel like ripping the belts off haha. So I’m sure a few will read this and go not this again. I had my car serviced and part of the service was to fit a new alt belt and ac belt of which I bought through a trader I believe they were gates belts. Now first week cars been absolutely fine, but say three weeks later or so upon every cold start up morning/evening aka cars sat for bit or even a few hours I start the car and within a second or so it squeals like a pig. This stops after say 10 seconds sometimes a little more. Now what have I done about it. Firstly I’ve checked which belt is causing the above by spraying a bit water on the belts. When applied to the alt belt the noise stops but as waters dispersed it comes back until cars ran for over the 10 seconds (roughly) Secondly I’ve checked the pulleys and there’s not wobbles no play. Thirdly I’ve no tool to check tension of the longest run of the belt but I heard some talk of turn the belt 90 degrees on longest run, I can just and I mean just do this the belt is very tight. I’d say it gets 80degrees and 90 degrees takes a lil force. Ac belts tight also but turns 90 degrees fine. People mention deflection but I’ve no tool to understand when I’ve added 98n/10kg. Deflection is easy with a ruler. I’ve tried just pressing down hard on the alt belt and it moves to 5mm under heavy pressing. Sorry this is so so long winded. Next step was to check/see if belts on grooves and honestly I think it is on there. Just to round up the belts don’t squeal when cars been used only on cold start up or when cars sat few hours at least. So say I get to garage or work and tried to start it again when got it doesn’t squeal. ermmmm I’m running out of ideas, I’m going to check torque on the pulley as doubt garage has used torque wrench. Im confused, car didn’t do this before the new belts. Any advice on this is truly welcome hate walking to my car knowing it’s going to scream the place down like a child haha. Get oem belts? Tighten up more or less? Check deflection using something? Check torque on pulley? Just a few things going round in my head. Cars been driven 6 hours to JAE this year so should be worn in lol. Incase its a low battery as cars used one weekend a month that’s on charge now, and will fit tomos and see if any squeal.
  7. New 370z Owner North East

    No mate not me, but I'm not far from there. My mate wants to do a shoot on the 350 so Ill message you and can get them out together. Ill keep my eye out for you as not many round Stanley/consett way.
  8. New 370z Owner North East

    Hey Jordan, Consett!!! I'm based near Beamish. Got to get the cars out for a photo shoot sometime if fancy. Welcome along btw and enjoy your stay
  9. Looked a clean 54 plate with the roof spoiler, some sort of zaust and the nismo v2 bumper
  10. Well Stuggerz here is a slight update to the thread. Bonnet fitted. As it's fibreglass I'll be getting the bonnet pins added just for peace of mind to be honest as there is some movement at speed. Shame as I love the look as it is but safety first. Currently it's using the oem bonnet release of which is holding it fine to be honest but again peace of mind would be to get pins added.
  11. Need some help from you guys

    Please close this admin. Sorted myself on the drive, piece of cake
  12. Need some help from you guys

    Slight update guys, I managed to drill the stud out myself and have just received a replacement stud from Torqen, all going well Ill have the new stud on tonight. Ive seen guides on youtube for replacing the stud on the 350, doesn't look too hard.
  13. First MOT failure in 14yrs

    I wouldn't be using the stealership dicky robbers in stripey jumpers, Id be using a forum trader and possibly go aftermarket LCA for similar price
  14. Need some help from you guys

    Well I have just got my car back from the bodyshop and it seems they've wayyyyy over tightened the wheel nuts to the point I couldn't get them off at all. Anyway I tried using a pry bar just to get more leverage and on my last wheel nut on the whole car it snapped and right at the head too so no place to grab a hold of at all. My question to you all is wtf do I do? Can I have the stud drilled out? Can the stud be replaced and is it a big job for a garage?
  15. JAE 2017 (Japanese Auto Extravaganza)

    Ill be there with my car club, really looking forward to it at the Peterborough show ground, hope there's not too many speed bumps getting in, always remember a few years ago getting stuck on the speed bumps in my Integra. Ill keep my eye out for your car, always see a good turn out of zeds.