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  1. Ahhh the joys of the 350z... Okay im looking of some help and advice from you beautiful bunch! i have just replace my W brace and stay brackets and have stumbled across a panel named... BOARD ASSY-REAR FLOOR part number 74510AL500, https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/interior/12520-350z-board-assy-rear-floor-74510-al500.html it connects to the stay brackets with 2 bolts each side of the car. I have actually snapped 1 bolt off each side due to major rust and it now vibrates, the part is not structural although connected to the sub frame. Upon searching the forums i believe it to be used in the manufacturing process to potentially just hang things off on the assembly line. has anyone removed this before, if so how? i can remove the bolts in each stay bracket but i cant see from under the car how it connects in the middle? i have seen in posts someone saying it hangs with plastic clips? it looks like the subframe may have to be removed to get this little pickle and useless piece out? Thats a big job that i honestly CBA to do that or pay someone to do it! im hoping i could undo the clips cut one end off and pull the whole panel through and out from the other side? here are two other posts i have looked at for information they also have picks of the panel for reference and
  2. Hi i have seen your post with the de-pin and re-pin is it possible to show which wires you have moved where? Thanks

  3. ok just an update for everyone it works as expected you don't need to solder you can de-pin and re-pin. saves a fair amount of time and i had no need to bring the soldering iron out at all for this install
  4. in the process of doing this myself, Now i am complete Noob at wiring could somebody let me know if this would work? Instead of cutting the RCA cables and re-soldering them i actually just de-pinned the cable from the Autoleads PC2-76-4 adaptor cable and re-pinned them onto the InCarTec 29-674 lead resulting in the picture below... in my eye this should be the same as cutting and soldering as per this guide. could anybody let me know if this wouldn't work i don't have my head unit to test it yet.





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