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ENGINE DRESS UNDER BONNET MIRROR KIT photos updated- limited number offer


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right folks, I have been slowly working on dressing my engine and have just finished drawing a mirror kit for the HR that adds a touch of class to the engine bay dress.

I will only be able to fit 4 kits into a stainless mirror sheet, so for the immediate future there will only be 3 kits up for grabs so the first 3 PM's will get them.

the kit has 11 mirror panels and I will be looking for £100 delivered because of the size and weight. the photo below is as I was test fitting some of them so you have an idea how cool it looks.

Now the DE bonnet is slightly different so if some one near Donny would like a kit and would be willing to pop through a couple of times so I could see how they fit and fine tune if needed I would let them have the set free gratis.


these are stainless steel don't forget so will not corrode, easy to clean and polish, not cheap mirror plastic that fades, marks, scratches easily!


1. Andy james








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only thing I need now is wider opening bonnet struts! I have carbon ones but don't open as far as I have seen some others?

shows off the mirrors better lol....

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Aww Rich! I tried this a couple of weeks ago after painting my plenum. But was only able to use mirrored card, then I tried mirrored plastic. Neither were quite 'mirror' enough and looked naff, so I binned the idea.


That looks really good mate. I have a DE bonnet...... :teeth:

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Had a little trip down yesterday to get measured up for 370z under bonnet mirrors. Rickdon was a great guy, despite me being sat waiting for him when he got home from work (sorry for being early). Loved your Zed, gave me a few ideas 😉

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