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  1. There is internally a rubber covered button on the b pillar that reacts to whether the door is open or shut. So opening the door means the rubber covered button drops the window down and in the reverse closes the window up so it doesnt damage the front windows. Sometimes the button pushes out of place. Look at the Inside of the b pillar and straighten it out if its pushed out of position.
  2. Thankyou the secret is to constantly clean your car I carry megs detailing spray to clean off any muck dust etc religiously. It's my second car and never sees rain snow etc etc. Fair weather only.
  3. G techniq finish applied to car before Expel t's all about light but its soends a luxurious life.
  4. Theres a long post from Chris B, dont think hes with us any more could be wrong, called , "precious got a supercharger". There was a group of us from this club having it done due to the availability of Vortech v2 and 3 versions but quite a lot more required you were talking around 6 to 8 thousand in 2014. It's still here if you can find it sone bits by me. Happy hunting.
  5. Thankyou theres alot going down their undr the bonnet you name it it's there I had the full build suspension brakes clutcheverything forthe super charger this would be around 6 years ago when I was more active on here. It's my baby and its
  6. Thankyou theres alot going down their under the bonnet you name it, it's there I had the full build suspension brakes clutch everything for the super charger this would be around 6 years ago when I was more active on here. It's my baby and it's full of delight you might find it in the archives so to speak. Fully modified for tracking and detailed for beauty.
  7. Correct GTR"s Deep dish on rears normal on front . Off set.
  8. Spot on there Lewis not bad for 16 year old. Still turns an eye.
  9. Your spot on Alex G Technique done as the prep before expel.
  10. My supercharged Z got a trip to my good friend in Lincoln regarded to be one of the few high quality detailers. He is used extensively by sports car enthusiast in beautiful cars. Most are now like me getting this brilliant treatment by expel. The best I've seen in my twenty years of driving sports cars and it works. Not bad for a 16 year old Zed a wolf in sheepskin clothing. Cheers Jeff.
  11. Short and sweet a lot better than the old way. Thankyou both very much. Cheers
  12. Good day everyone. Haven't been on here in a long long time. So I wanted to put some photos on using what was photo bucket but of course it's now a paying site. What is being used now ? Freeby preferred. Thanks for any help. Jeff.





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