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  1. cmck13

    Twisting Gear Nob

    Don't forget if you get a small thin steel washer or two you can make it a smaller or bigger gap that should nip up with the rubber one in contact. Worked fine on mine.
  2. cmck13

    Twisting Gear Nob

    Stick a rubber washer under it.
  3. Been using them for years they are both Nissan trained who left to run their own business. Charge £50 + vat per hour may have gone up slightly this year. and charge per half hour not rounded up to the next hour. You can make up your own service kit if you want to I do and use Opie other suppliers are out theire. Used them for all my jobs they do check ups and servicing before your Mot to ensure no failures. They are a win win situation. Cheers Jeff.
  4. Been quiet recently still have my car and the mirrors, all is good. Check the azure earlier in the thread. Only needs a quick cleanup every month or two. Excellent quality piece of kit would highly recommend. Also vortech supercharger producing same BP as when fitted works like a dream.
  5. Have a look at Glipstone best known make for colour restoring. However that means restoring the original colour back to new. Changing the colour will have seperate issues. Worth a look at them though.
  6. Correct on your own, the passengers is left locked so no one can open the door from outside.
  7. Hi Mark, love the new gear knob in blue. As stated earlier not only do they look good the larger knob makes the gear changing easier and more slick, IMO. Good doing business with you and these knobs are first class. A couple of not so good photos attached, one in first and the next in second gear, cheers.
  8. That's normal after a week or so you won't notice any difference. Much better than before. Mine was fitted 10 month ago good piece of kit. í ½í±
  9. Found myself desperately needing a replacement front badge in a couple of days. worked spot on with very quick reply to my PM transaction done in twenty minutes. Excellent quick service from Asad. Thank you very much. Jeff.
  10. Thanks to Ewen for going the extra mile on his holidays, excellent service above and beyond all expectations great stuff.
  11. Did you get this resolved ? I have a reader if its not been done yet depends where you live oops I see your Leicester area, suppose its sorted now.
  12. As above EZ brushes best out there IMO, Also endorse FK 1000p high temp wax for wheels. Used both these products for years.
  13. 1958 Standard 10 bought in 1970 £35 all in. Built with proper heavy duty steel panels ask the triumph herald owner that reversed into the front bumper of my car. Mine hardly scratched his rear boot fell apart and it was a write off. Those were the days.





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