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My Zed replacement - E92 M3

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I sold my zed 6 months ago and here is my replacement for anybody who is interested :thumbs:


It's a 57 plate manual with 25k on the clock, and is very nicely specced with lots of goodies including electronic damper control and the top of the range 'individual audio' system with subs under the seats. The grilles, gills and bonnet vents have been changed for the black 'edition' versions and the wheels powder coated gloss black.


Had it for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it! Very good as a daily driver (I don't do many miles) and truly awesome when you open it up. I particularly like the fact that I can set it to sensible mode for normal driving - soft suspension, more gentle throttle response, Lighter steering and traction control on.... Then at the press of the handy 'M' button it is the exact opposite, everything into extreme! Well, apart from traction control which has a great intermediate setting as I'm not ready to die just yet :drive1


Here are the pictures... Just iPhone pics so not great quality, it's very hard to pick up the wheels properly and the pics don't do them justice as they look great in the metal




























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Thanks for all the good comments guys :thumbs:


:cloud9: nuff said!


...... In fact jealous to the point i already dont like you!


:lol: I think I had the same feeling when srobrien posted pictures of his E92 M3 on here a while ago, it made me want one even more!


Verrrry nice, has 5 o not pulled you yet about the plate? :thumbs:


Luckily not yet, but I'm expecting it soon :blush:


Looks awesome. Location looks familar too...?


It's an industrial estate in heaton mersey, just off Didsbury Rd. Not the most exotic of loacations! haha

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Looks awesome! A friend of mine has the dark blue (interlargos i think) with the same wheels in black. I keep saying to him to change the bling bits to black,as it would complement the wheels and the roof,but he refuses! lol

His also has the EDC,not all cars have it,so he had to wait a fair amount of time for the right one to come up. It is an awesome car,though i think it needs a decent exhaust on it,as its far too muted. We went to FOS 2 years ago,and it took 2 hours each way. We averaged 19mpg there and back,and were not nailing it all the way. The whole trip was a tank of fuel.

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