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forum crash


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Yup, was on the mobile and thought it was that but had gateway timeout messages twice in the last 20 mins or so on the lap top :wacko:


Anyone else struggling with the forum? Not been able to get on for 20mins, got on, and then lost connection again.


Had the same earlier today too at around 12pm...?

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It crashed for me around 2.40ish. Kept getting time out errors for a few minutes - all other sites worked though so I dont think it was my connection


it depend if the other sites were coming from 1and1

This was after the official 1&1 problems - but I'm still pointing the finger on that one as being a host problem as we havent touched anything here.

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Not just you - I noted it too. There seemed to be an issue getting to the server control panel for a second too while going to reset it, so Im assuming it was host possibly a brief host related issue. Will get it checked and see if there was any other underlying cause.

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