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Just got my new /second hand 350z...


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Hi everyone and hope to be chatting soon as.


Got my 57 z yesterday and haven,t stopped smiling since. This is my second one and they just get better and better. Will post some pics soon but it,s dark blue metallic with very light grey seats,Rays wheels and everything else as standard G.T. pack.


Gonna get involved as much as i can as i,m semi retired now and would like to join in as many events as possible. I live just outside Richmond, North Yorkshire, about a mile from Scotch Corner so it,s handy to drop on to the A1M for travelling around.


My U.K. car has just 8400 miles on so it,s virtually new although there is a small scratch on the drivers seat. Any one have any suggestions here.


Spent the day cleaning the car yesterday using tips found on this site. Hard work but well worth it eh ! Just trying to convince the wife to let me park it inside the lounge french windows :lol:


That,s about it for now.. be onboard later.


Good luck and great motoring.



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Thanks for the welcome evryone.. That was fast !


Was looking at a Mitsubishi Gto that has been modified professionally. The young man who ones it has spent over 26k on it and done all the mechanical mods up to stage 8 with over 600 bhp ! Very tempted but it was just too fast 0 to 60 in 3 secs. However. the z is a completely different animal and a real joy to drive and cherish.


As i said before, this is my second one and whilst i have owned a lot ( over 40 ) of different cars ,the z just has a special character of it,s own.I,ve been advised to put a Nismo exhaust on, but to be honest, i think that the whole car is perfect just as it is so maybe keep it all original and watch the mileage.


Found my car on ebay but was amazed at how many are for sale on Pistonheads.


Just gonna take a few photos.


Anyone out there got a dark blue metallic Z ?


All the best Roger

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Welcome to the forum Roger. Stanski had a Midnight blue, not now though :lol: , and Greekman has a Midnight blue, plus a few others. Quite a rare colour though, as it was a 2007 colour only.


Just trying to convince the wife to let me park it inside the lounge french windows :lol:

Good luck with that. :lol::lol::lol:



ps. If you look on the US forums at my350z.com, there is a massive selection for each of the different colours. Your colour is called San Marino Blue in the US and quite a few other countries. :thumbs:

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