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  1. Hey guys and girls just wanted to share my new experiences with my new cookie nav, it is awesome, really quick and slick and with the android interface is a dream to use. I haven't got round to playing with everything yet but so far I'm very impressed. I have ordered a 3 MiFi thingy so that I can use this system to the full capability it was designed for. the screen is like iPad quality and looks better than my pioneer head unit screen (might need an upgrade) all in all it looks the part and looks totally stock, i will get some pics and maybe some vids up later just want to say thanks to Cookie for taking a Sunday out to fit this for me and for the bacon butty. top bloke and he even helped me fit my rear view camera Hat's off to you mate you have made a cracking system that is worth every penny.
  2. London?? I thought I was meeting him up north!!!
  3. I have to say I have used Lee before and he has been very helpful and has even supplied me goods without even taking payment off me. I can understand the frustration of people that have had to wait a long time for parts and I can honestly say that Lee is a stand up bloke and that he would never swindle users out of their money. some users I know of on this site have actually left him out of pocket but that's a different story. I'm sure once he see's this he will see you right mate. There will be a good reason for him to of not got in contact with you so far.
  4. Bronze jap import with nice carbon bits *** UDD anyone on here??
  5. V8 supercharged I wonder if the engine would fit the zed
  6. On the hunt for something like that myself mate if you find anything give me a shout and vice versa
  7. Awesome car and was lucky enough to see it in the flesh
  8. It just came up mate If I knew you were looking I just keep find things in my shed
  9. Engine cover looks ace mate The badges look a lot better man especially the one on the front





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