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  1. Looks I like the little mods since I've seen you last.
  2. Yeah but they haven't got a "show off you BMW silver zed" section
  3. I do wish that I went 20 on mine instead of 15.... Have you seen the 20mm ones that CS does in black?? Would look good with the black wheels.
  4. Have you got the spacers on yours yet??
  5. Thanks buddy... But I'm sure parked up next to yours it would look standard!
  6. Well I gave her a clean today so I thought I might as well join in
  7. Just got my new tax disc holder... thanks buddy it's awesome i'll get it on the car once i've had time to warm the window up a bit it's bloody today!!
  8. That's no excuse.... Pull your finger out and get em on!! Only joking bud can't wait to see them on.... Good work mitz another job well done





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