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  1. Try AC RYAN Chris.I have the play on mini 2 and it works very well on a wired network,can also do it wirelessly with a separate dongle.
  2. Not doing to bad Ian thanks. Just keep popping in to see if my old car shows its face. No not modding had enough of all that now. Tv is a Panasonic 42gt30.I will see how it goes with normal HDMI first,they wanted £70 for the cable.
  3. Been out today and bought my self a 3D tv.When purchasing it the sales man advised me on purchasing a 1.4 HDMI cable as it was needed to view 3D tv properly.I declined as I already have good quality HDMI cables. Has anyone bought one of these cables and did they notice any difference.
  4. Mrs got me an iPad 2.No more squinting on iPhone.
  5. Always lurking just to see if my old zed makes an appearance.
  6. But on a STANDARD car, they are just reflection of the sidlights which make it look like LED's and they look amber, Wrong they are amber LEDs.
  7. He's talking about the 4 LEDs in the lights on 06> cars.I had mine done by P15ULT.
  8. This place is getting really touchy recently.Where is the handbag smiley.
  9. It's a Varis lip,good luck with sourcing one.Was probably from the ESR days.
  10. Try these mate http://www.coordsport.com/our-partners/rays-wheels.htm Think these are who Chilli Red dealt with.They sourced my centre caps when I had mine.
  11. Looks like snot when first applied,would have to see it to believe it actually works and doesn't look like crap once dried.
  12. I was using Billberry as a cleaner and rim wax or CG wheel guard as a sealant.The wolf stuff hardly foams and looks as if it's doing nothing as a cleaner but seems to shift brake dust easily plus it's sealing aswell saving loads of time. I would still probably put a dedicated wheel sealant every 6 months then use the wolf stuff as a general cleaner with the added sealant thrown in.
  13. Andy,see Tim about Wolf wheel cleaner and sealant in one.I used it on my Volks,worked very well.
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