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What you need to upgrade your 350z Audio System


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What do you need to fit an aftermarket head unit in the 350z. What you need depends on a few things as there are different parts.


Note: The text/part numbers in Blue are links to SextonsDirect who have sold these products to a number of forum members


1) Facia


There are a few options here depending on your year of car & type of head unit you are installing

Year: Pre06

Year: Pre06

Year: 06onwards

Single DIN & Pocket

Double DIN

Single DIN & Pocket OR Double DIN





Note all these facias are black so may not match some imports.


2) Looms


What loom you want depends on a few things......


Standard Head Unit Replacement without Steering Wheel Controls




ICT 20-134

ICT 20-260

PAC ROEM-NIS2 & ICT 20-134



3f4821544e015e8ff21b6be711a8748a.image.335x260.jpg & 20-134.jpg

These two looms will need splicing together


Standard Head Unit Replacement retaining Steering Wheel Controls



ICT 29-645 + 29-00*

ICT 29-674 + 29-00*




Details on How to connect up the ICT looms with Steering Controls - http://www.350z-uk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=31260&p=457835


Head Unit Replacement using aftermarket amps & speakers


ICT 20-134




  • [*:2qgk45ls]To use a ICT BOSE Compatible looms above your head unit must have pre-out connections.
    [*:2qgk45ls]Some users who have aftermaket head units with the factory ICT Adapter may find that their system is not quite as loud as they expect. This is due to the way the loom takes the Pre-Out Signal. Each head-unit outputs different level signals i.e. 1v -> 4v. As a result if you have a head unit with a low voltage output you may find the volume lower than you want. To work around this issue you can use a Line Booster as shown below
ICT 23-007 - TURBO 1 Variable line driver

[*:2qgk45ls]The factory loom does not contain an earth lead. The factory unit earths through its chassis. As a result a custom earth lead will need to be made to a suitable point (i.e. one of the bolts under the head unit.)

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Couple of quick questions, using the looms that retain the original bose amp, will the sat nav still work with voice guidance and the OE bluetooth connection still work or does the new head unit need to have its own bluetooth?


Might be going a bit off topic here, but its something thats been puzzling me.





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Hey guys just wondering, the Double din slot at teh top of the thread, is that actually for 2x single dins or does that middle part come out so it just fits around a double din?


+1 I wondered about that as well.

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I can confirm that to use a double din slot you can use the double din one on the end. You have to cut the middle piece out but this can be done smoothly. i dont suppose anyone knows which wire in the loom is for the steering wheel controls? Having trouble locating it, have found everything else


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Hi, would someone mind giving me a little advice on installing my new stereo?


I have bought a Clarion MAX983HD sat nav, along with the interface for the steering controls. My problem is the bloke at Clarion said I will need a unit to reduce the signal from the unit as its too high to use with the Bose amp. I thought all I needed was the PAC ROEM but everyone seems to mention this boosts the signal??


So i'm a bit wary of buying it incase its the wrong thing. Also what wires do you connect the PAC too on the headunit?


Many thanks for any help, its cost me a fortune for this and I dont want to bugger it up!! :)

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Just to add a bit more confusion :headhurt:


If you are retaining the Bose amp/speakers and want a Kenwood unit with the steering controls kept then make sure you have the right adaptor lead (29-??? series).


I ordered the 29-005 lead to suit a Kenwood unit. Unfortunately the lead is a single point connection and the headunit (dpx-503u) has a 4 pin DIN connection. :angry:

Turns out there is more than one Kenwood adaptor. NO retailers or even Incartec mention this on their websites.

You will need a 29-005D apparently.

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