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  1. Shame you're in hull, I would have taken them
  2. Is there a way of testing it off the car? Yes, simply block off the ends and pressurise and check if it is holding pressure. Thanks Alex. I shall give it a go
  3. Is there a way of testing it off the car?
  4. Thanks mate. Just looked at it, good price. Any feedback on quality?
  5. As the title says with good working order connectors Cheers
  6. maz77

    DE rocker cover

    Mine leaks around spark tube, cylinder 5. Need a new pair Thanks in advance
  7. Hi Alex Just enquiring about the valve covers. Are they in good condition? Any oil leaks from the spark plug seals or the gasket side? If they are in good nick, how much do you want for them posted to Southampton?
  8. Can you supply the 6 grommets, PCV O ring and alignment tool?
  9. I'll take the last one. PM on its way
  10. location of abbey motorsport and TGM!



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