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  1. can't believe this ! I met Martin a number of times and spoke via pm's, a massive loss ! a true gent and has been said.. one of life's givers sad sad news ..........absolutely gutted !
  2. My 370z progress (going lowww)

    Much better with the spacers , I've got 25 all round, the arch's drown the wheels without spacers !
  3. Memory Lane: Post up your old car pics here

    Was behind one of these waiting to get on a ferry back from France last August. It was about 32 degrees and the driver looked like he was close to fainting lol. Awesome little car though and the sound when he was driving into the ferry was something else There were only just over 3,600 S2 Lotus Europa's built, the vast majority of which were shipped abroad. About 13,000 Europa's in all were produced most of these being the twin cam and big valve versions. A pretty rare sight even when I had mine and very rare now, only 30 S2's and around 200 Europa's in all. Nice car to drive, at least when it was actually running . Pete were they Dunlop alloys ?
  4. Bit of a clear out

    title edit
  5. My 370z progress (going lowww)

    I thought it looked too good to be just springs
  6. My 370z progress (going lowww)

    is that lowered just using springs ? if so which ? Thanks......... looks spot on
  7. New project :) once I am back from holiday

    this will look great, are you sticking with the 2 litre pinto ?
  8. Show off your Gunmetal (11+ 370z)

    Looks great
  9. Reversing camera and soundproofing boot

    I've read quite a bit about this over the pond, it seems that soundproofing the doors has the biggest effect, be good to know the results of this
  10. superb photoshop someone should make that
  11. redzed8 350z daily

    Sooo much better than when you bought it
  12. Looks spot in that side profile pic Graham