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  1. Bluetooth module now sold. This can now be removed or locked. Thanks
  2. It didn't work in my 350z but that was down to its cradle not working. I tried it in another 350z and It worked fine. As for what phones it works with I think it works fine with most phones.
  3. Hi everyone. I have for sale my Bluetooth module out of my zed. £50 posted.
  4. The zed has been sold.thanks everyone for your help/advise
  5. I've lowered the price on the zed. If anyone knows anyone that's interested please let me know when could do with it gone😞 I'm open to sensible offers. Thanks
  6. My eBay listing for my zed 😀 http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/261981202198
  7. Also forgot to mention. The zed has recently been under sealed and has the bose hack done too. ðŸ˜
  8. Thanks. Yeah I'll still be on the forum. Good bunch of people on here.
  9. I'll be going back home to Cyprus. Wish I could keep the zed. But I've had it a good old wile now and had. My fun with it 😀
  10. Hi everyone sad time. I'm now selling my much loved 350z. As I'm saving to move abroad It's a 54 plate GT UK car with 44k on the clock in sunset orange, the car is in excellent condition, the only things that let it down is the drivers seat bolster is worn and the rear bumber has a small dint Im the 3d owner and I've had the car for 5 faultless years. I bought it whit 12k on the clock and it's now got just over 44k. But it is my daily driver so milage will change. I live in Chesterfield. Feel free to inbox me . Also the private plate will be removed and original put back on
  11. Big thanks and Grate service . Got my brembo seal kit the other day. Now the zed is off for some tlc ðŸ˜
  12. I tried the cardboard trick the other day. But the sub still won't work. And everything looks fine with the motherboard.
  13. Yeah something like that. 😀 will be sorting things as soon as we can to become trade on the forum.
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