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  1. Provisionally sold pending payment
  2. As I have now sold the 350z I have the old subwoofer enclosure from it. It was built by myself to fit under the rear strut. The subwoofer face is set proud of the enclosure to give more depth. It was designed for a Orion H2 10.4 sub. It is trimmed in black faux swede which is slightly colour fading on the back which faces into the car although this is only obvious when its out the car (when in the car you don't really see both sides at the same time to realize its faded) Its heavy!. It was built using 18mm MDF & fibreglass As a result of the weight its available only for collection from Chandlers Ford near Southampton £75 As fitted to my old car - Note the subwoofer is NOT included
  3. Comes with all the fixings and heat shield. Used for around 1 year but car is now sold and was sold as standard. Great addition to the 350z. Small performance gain but also makes the engine roar (without it being too load) This is for Pre-2007 single air box cars only £70 ONO delivered Item located near Southampton for local pickup
  4. This car was cared for thats for sure. Nice guy came to view the car and drove it off to a new home He may come on here as although i did not mention the site it had a sticker in the window.
  5. Its still got the original clutch. No slipping or long travel.
  6. After 5.5 years of great ownership unfortunately its time to sell my pride and joy. I've owned the car since July 2006. UK Model GT Coupe, 04 Plate, 3.5 litre V6, 65,500 miles (will change as still being used) Manual, 6 Gear, Kuro (Black), Unmodified 2 previous owners Front & Rear Tyres in Good condition ~ 5mm+ Front Brakes ~ 10mm left Front Discs replaced 2 years ago (~10k ago) MOT March 2012 Tax March 2012 The car comes with a full service history Date-Milage Job Company 2004-03-27-00000 Purchase Dumpton Park Nissan 2004-11-17-08821 FP1 Service Dumpton Park Nissan 2005-06-21-18544 FP2 Service Dumpton Park Nissan 2006-07-25-29346 FP1 Service Sparshatts of Botley Ltd (Nissan) 2007-06-27-35906 FP3 Service Martins Nissan 2008-09-08-44537 FP1 Service Sparshatts of Botley Ltd (Nissan) 2009-06-11-52808 FP2 Service Martins Nissan 2010-07-29-58447 FP1 Service Martins Nissan 2011-07-07-62711 FP3 Service Martins Nissan The spark plugs were done 12,000 miles ago. This is the GT spec, which comes complete with the following extras: [*:ulf5xaxl]Cruise Control [*:ulf5xaxl]HID headlights [*:ulf5xaxl]Heated leather seats [*:ulf5xaxl]Climate Control [*:ulf5xaxl]Bose 7 speaker system [*:ulf5xaxl]Brembo Brakes [*:ulf5xaxl]Electric folding mirrors Additional Specs: [*:ulf5xaxl]18" Rays Alloy Wheels [*:ulf5xaxl]Boot Luggage net Standard Spec List: Climate Control, Factory CD Multiplayer, Xenon Headlamps With Wash, Heated Electric Leather Sports Seats, Multifunction Steering Wheel, Rain Sensor Wipers, Electric Heated Folding Mirrors, Electric windows, Power Assisted Steering, Front Centre Armrest, Clear Lenses, Body Coloured Bumpers, Remote Central Locking, Factory Alarm, Factory Immobiliser, Electronic Stability Program, ABS I have fitted the car with an Alpine head unit which has bluetooth hands free, iPhone interface. (Alpine CDE-103BT). I have installed a Brodit iPhone cradle which supports the iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S. I still have the original 6-disc head unit which will be sold with the car. The Alpine head unit/ iPhone cradle can be removed leaving no holes/marks to the original trim. Overall the car is in good condition and the paintwork is in good condition for the age of the car, there only 'ding' is a small 1" dent/skuff in the front lip on the bumper which is barely noticeable. A few months ago the rear boot struts were replaced. The price: SOLD Car is located near Southampton Exterior Interior
  7. Price is in the right ball park but as you say can depend on so many things. Main thing i have found is get 3/4 quotes. I got 3, found 1 way way off so went for a 4th which was not quite the cheapest but IMO presented the best solution.
  8. Well - 2nd company round for a quote. Recommended a straight replacement as he said the tank is in very good condition (controls, valve and pump and all virtually brand new) so its quite a bit more to switch to combi. It would need to be saving us a lot each year to be worth the expense. I think the advise is good the more I think about it. First company also were going towards the straight swap. This guy said they would go for a glowworm - said they are very repliable and didn't think that the worcesters were worth the premium any more. Did say that he would never go for a cheaper boiler as it leads to no end of trouble.
  9. I've seen many posts saying go one way or another but many do just say "Don't get a Combi" which without any info is useless i.e. many people who fitted them when they first came out had them wrongly fitted as the water supply was not good enough. A simple flow test on my kitchen tap showed it to be around 17 L/Min. This probably means it would work quite well with the Greenstar 37CDi with a flow rate of 15.2 l/min
  10. Whats the reasons for avoiding it? Purely high failure rates?
  11. Had the first quotes through and it was ~ £2300 for Worcester 15Ri Boiler OR ~£2600 for Worcester 30Si Combi Boiler (Both 6 yr warrant) (Combi requires moving the gas feed + removing old pipes etc so understandable its more) I'm definately of the mindset invest with these sorts of things. Better to spend it now than in a few years time when it ends up costing X to repair and also happens at the most in inopportune momnents. That as from a local but reliable company I have used before. Got a smaller company coming round Friday as well as a neighbours friend whos did thiers when they moved in.
  12. I'm based in Southampton I think we have quite a good flow rate at the taps. Measured it last night at the kitchen tap but forgot the numbers.





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