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  1. There is no 29-00 lead. You need the lead for the make of head unit you have i.e. 29-005 for Kenwood. If you search for all parts 29-00 you will see the list of the ones availab.e
  2. Interest too in the magnetic trays
  3. OK - All looms will now come with the new adapter and the ISO cage is now a pure double din so its not a 2xDIN as well.
  4. Cheers for the info. I'm trying to get more from them so I can update my post/guides
  5. Hace you tried the aerial trick I mentioned? (can't help any more for a bit as I am snowboarding)
  6. yup - you don't to cut it just strip back the coating over part, solder on another cable and tape it all up (or heat shrink it)
  7. The one that goes into the head unit and gives you two ISO standard connectors i.e the brown and blackones
  8. Find a nice metal bit of the car - there are a few points around behind the stereo. Generally most screws that go into the chassis will work. Take a wire from that and then cut into the black ground cable in the ISO loom and connect it up. Have you tried putting in the aerial (this is only good for a check) - this should provide enough ground to get the unit on. Those connections look about right
  9. Have you spliced in an extra ground lead to the ISO lead?
  10. Doh - good spot on the type - will fix that now
  11. Might be worth emailing ICT about this as i thought the 3 bare wires should have a connector on the end (to connect to the one you have left) these are for the steering controls tho so won't affect the unit not working. Incartec Sales
  12. The three white cables plug into the cables that you removed from your BOSE head unit
  13. This guide is based on you purchasing a BOSE Steering Wheel loom (29-674) and Head Unit Specific Adapter (29-001 for Alpine). Below is a picture of a typical loom you get with a head unit Plug A connect to Head Unit Plug B connect to Plug D on ICT loom Plug C Is not used (this is the speaker level output from the stereo which is not required with using a BOSE Amp) Wire J connect to Wire G on ICT loom Plug D connect to Plug C on ISO loom Phono Plugs E connect to the Front and Rear Phono outptut on the head unit Plugs F connect to the Nissan plugs behind the dash (Top one is for steering controls, bottoom two supply power and feed BOSE amp) Wire G needs to be connected to the Wire J on ISO loom Wire H need to be connected to ground (this is the amp ground) Plug I connect the Head unit specific adapter i.e. 29-001 To connect the Steering Remote section connect the loose cables as follows. The colours 'sometimes' vary by if you follow the picture of the plug its always the cables marked A, B and C ICT Unit white Cable -> Red/Green Cable ICT Unit Grey Cable -> Orange/Silver Cable ICT Unit Purple Cable -> Yellow/Green Cable There is also a final step which is required which is to connect up an extra ground lead. The standard BOSE unit is ground through the casing to the chassis. As a result the ISO loom does not have the normal ground. This must be added manually



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