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Couldn't get any worse even if...

The Bounty Bar Kid

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On 21/10/2022 at 05:36, The Bounty Bar Kid said:

Question time last night was amusing to watch.

A cause of wry smiles from myself. Seeing the very few people in the audience who wanted Boris back (4 out of 100 I'd approximate with the audience being high proportion conservative), are Tory MPs stupid enough to think he will solve their problems... 


If they can't all get behind one candidate and there is a vote, the supporters of the losing candidate(s) will forever be trying to oust the winner. Fundamental problem is the party has no unity.

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On 22/10/2022 at 11:43, The Bounty Bar Kid said:

I don't know how Labour would do better than Rishi. Although I'd rather them than Truss, Mordant, Boris or anyone else tbh.

People have very short memories ......... Rishi signed off the £37Bn for track and trace, was fined over Partygate, chose not to investigate £17bn of Furlough/Covid Loan fraud, held a green card for 6 years while an MP and benefitted from his wife having non-dom status while he was the actual Chancellor. 
He also doesnt know how to fill a car up or use an EPOS but TBH that doesnt worry me too much when compared to the countless times he stood behind Johnson and agreed/supported his bullshit, IMO anyone thats openly lied to the country shouldnt get near the top job. 

On the other hand the Labour leader was brought up on a council estate, funded himself through the Bar, rose to become DPP and head of the CPS and was knighted at the end of it. 
The deputy leader left school at 16 with no qualifications but while pregnant but rose to a top trade union job, currently holds down her constituency and parliamentary jobs with 3 kids and actually knows whats shes talking about and despite desperate smear attempts but the press neither have been caught lying, misleading parliament, breaking rules etc. 

We have had Conservatives for 12 years, what in that time has actually improved? Why cant Labour (or anyone else for that matter) do a better job?  

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I quite like Starmer, but when I said I don't know how they'd do better it's because I don't know how they'd propose to deal with the brown storm we are currently in. My thinking was that Rishi knows the current state of the economy and IMO his proposal was more grounded and realistic. Than truss 

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Rishis proposal was 1000% better than Truss's, not least as he accurately predicted everything that would happen if she went ahead with it. This was in


“There will be a run on sterling. The gilts market will be in freefall. And the FTSE will tumble as global investors take fright and sell off every form of British asset. It might take only a few days, or the government might stagger through until the end of September, but before long Liz Truss and her new Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng will have been forced to call in the IMF to stabilise a collapsing economy,"[/quote]

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Labour havent made any firm statement on how they would mange the economy mainly as they dont have a clue what they are going to inherit. They have committed to a UK owned renewable energy company and big investments in renewables, they would also introduce a body to ensure taxpayers are getting value for money (see aforementioned track and trace money) both of which seem good ideas to me. 

While Rishi undoubtedly knows the job, Rishi also effectively created the problem - as someone said last week youre still an arsonist even if you try and put out the fire you set. 

FWIW Im not a massive Labour fan, I just despise what the Tories have done over the past 6 years not just to the country but also to the average mans opinion of politicians. 
They are not all the same. 

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Starmer I quite like as a person: he seems grounded but also has the correct air of authority, he’s made some difficult decisions as leader (telling his party not to get on the picket lines, dealing with Corbyn) that were a huge risk but needed doing, and I don’t think he’d be a bad PM. My worry is that his plans actually wouldn’t do anything to help longer term than what Truss did, plus we’ve never actually had much detail on that side of things anyway. 

The other downside to a Labour government is twofold: first he has a bunch of people in his shadow cabinet I wouldn’t trust to run a bath correctly, and also I’m not sure they’d get enough votes to win a majority meaning we’d end up with another coalition. 


But yes, the current Tory party has spectacularly imploded. 

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Imagine having to get an elderly relative to complete a capacity test on possible dementia.  


“Mrs Wiggens, who is the current prime minister?”  F#xk sake, most of us couldn’t  pass it :lol:


Never ever trust a tory...........


12 years of them and the turkeys are still willing to support them, gobble, gobble, says Mad Nad to  Cockwomble.........




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16 hours ago, Ekona said:

The other downside to a Labour government is twofold: first he has a bunch of people in his shadow cabinet I wouldn’t trust to run a bath correctly

I dunno, theres some decent talent in the party IMO - even if you dont agree with their politics Rayner, Reeves, Lammy, Cooper, Milliband, Thornberry all present pretty well for me, dont forget youve got Burnham and Khan waiting in the wings too. 

The Tories have the problem that you have to be a Brexiteer,  most have some element of scandal associated with them and with the Cabinet revolving door weve had since 2019 (there are only 2 incumbents that have done more than 3 months) most have had a stab at being a Cabinet member and have benn proven to be incapable, sycophantic liars.

I mean, Rees-Mogg has been in the last 3 Cabinets FFS 🤣 



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Watched his speech yesterday and thought "you know what, Ill give this lad a chance". 
About an hour later heard he had reappointed Suella Braverman (who resigned after breaching ministerial code 6 days ago) as Home Sec and thought "same old same old"

He had a chance to get people back onside and he blew it with his first decision. 

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