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[SOLD]VX220 Turbo £17500


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Introducing my much loved VX220 Turbo for sale. I have owned the car for 2 1/2 years, its my second VX220 but I have decided that its time to move it on to a new owner. Main reason for sale is quite simply I need something a bit more forgiving and practical. I have psoriatic arthritis and a recent flare up has reminded me how difficult it is to live with when you can't bend your knees properly! Also anyone that knows me on this forum knows I get the itch every few years to change cars and that has contributed to trying for something new.

I have maintained two sites documenting my work on the car, one a website and the other a build thread on here:


Website can be viewed here https://vx220.mystrikingly.com/

I purchased the car in 2019 with some great work done to it already, the main things being:
  • Chris Tullet exhaust
  • Rabbid Remaps ECU tune to 223bhp (I have the dyno print)
  • Compomotive MO alloy wheels
  • Alcantara dash
  • Rare optional dark blue roof (only one I have seen in the VX community)
  • Front and rear engine Powerflex mounts

But otherwise the car was standard, I have a folder stocked full of receipts prior to my ownership with services done at well known Elise/VX220 specialists Back on Track in Guildford. I had a very specific vision for the car when I bought it and set about doing a lot of work on it. I have a walk around video here of how it ended up https://youtu.be/Tz2I239dY7I
In summary the work I have done:
INTERIOR - I really wanted this to be comfortable as possible given the car. So had the seats and door parts retrimmed, I had extra padding put into the seats. The carpet installed reduces noise but also makes the car feel much nicer inside. I have made a lot of subtle changes too, which make the car feel much more premium than the stripped out metal husk they usually exist as! 
  • Door cards/shoulders, steering wheel and seats fully retrimmed by well known VX220 guy Ross Hogg Robinson in part blue alcantara and black leather with blue stitching
  • I also lined the roof with matching blue alcantara (I have some left over which you can take with the car should you want it)
  • I installed carpet set into the car which makes it more comfortable and reduces noise
  • Gear and handbrake leather gaiters
  • Carbon gear stick sleeve and Momo Air gear knob (matches the steering wheel)
  • Black Elise Parts handbrake (I have original you can take also)

AUDIO/TECH - I brought this all up to speed with a great bluetooth Alpine headunit coupled with some JBL speakers, I have also installed an underseat style subwoofer behind the passenger seat. The sound is fantastic with great clarity you can hear over the road noise with the roof down. With the bluetooth capability you can stream your music and also take/make calls. I will leave the dashcam in as its more hassle than its worth to remove the wiring 
  • Alpine 92BT head unit which includes BT capability for your phone to stream music/make calls etc
  • JBL speakers rear speakers (the car came with optional front tweeters installed which work fine
  • Kenwood underseat subwoofer which is installed behind the passenger seat
  • Nextbase dashcam
  • Type116 light switch kit which replaces the old switches which are prone to breaking and Vauxhall no longer make replacements so would have to source them from breakers at circa £25 per switch

MECHANICAL - The battery is a year old, replacing it is no mean feat so its good to have a new one in there. I have replaced the Toe Links as these are known failure points on the car and lead to catastrophic failure if they snap (your car will uncontrollably crash with no ability to steer!), this upgrade is great peace of mind and not cheap. I have replaced the original radiator, as they are prone to leaks due to the plastic ends, you now have an all alloy one in there. This involves a full front clam off to install, and whilst I did that I replaced all the fittings with new stainless steel bolts and washers. As well as the radiator I replaced the silicone hoses at both ends as again these degrade over time. I have just changed both the discs and pads on the car, tonnes left as well as put in some high performance fluids, I have a spare bottle of Motul RBF600 that you can have with the car
  • Recently changed Yuasa higher cranking power battery
  • Elise Parts uprated toe link kit with replaced hub carrier bolts which replace the OEM links which are prone to snapping
  • Coolex all alloy radiator with Elise Parts silicone hoses
  • Recently changed Mintex brake discs and Mintex 1155 pads, loads left on the pads they look almost new - I also changed the brake fluid using Motul RBF600
  • Gearbox breather mod with ITG filter

OTHER/MISC - Rear diffuser sits in the back of the car and really sets it off, as well as having some positive impact on performance. I have replaced the front tow eye as the old ones were thin and rot, when called into action they are highly likely to snap. I have installed a much chunkier stronger version and added a rear tow eye which is discretely bolted to the underside of the car

  • Aluminium rear diffuser
  • Type116 uprated front tow eye (there was no damage or issues, this was replaced when I changed the radiator as the old ones rot and liable to snapping when used)
  • Elise Parts rear tow eye
  • Sequential side repeaters
  • Carbon fibre expansion tank cover

There are probably a few other smaller bits and pieces I have forgotten we would probably notice when we go over the car. Servicing in my ownership has been done by myself and my father who is a retired car mechanic of 50 years and is listed in the build thread. We leave no stone unturned and do more work on it than any Vauxhall garage would do, I purchased all the service parts myself with the last service taking in Shell Helix oil and new NGK Iridium plugs for example. I tend to look at the car with him every 4-6 months rather than waiting yearly and change anything that needs doing immediately. 
In terms of bad bits
Stone chips on the front, typical on this kind of car
Osmosis on rear clam behind the boot aperture (common failing on the paint on turbos)
Black vinyl strip around the windscreen surround is coming away
Window seals are lifting near the wing mirrors, a common issue but Vauxhall don't make replacements unfortunately

Otherwise the car starts on the button and drives fantastic, every trip is an epic journey even if popping to Tesco for the shopping! I recently took in a 1600 mile round trip of Scotland and it didn't miss a beat. I also had the car featured in Absolute Lotus magazine in a VX220 shoot out where it was chosen as the best car of the bunch, I have a copy of the magazine which I am happy to give you with the car.
Car Care
I am a detailing fan, in very short the car care routine is as follows:
I have a DAS6 machine polisher and have looked after swirls etc using Scholl Concepts S20+ polish
I use Gyeon Bathe+ car shampoo
I clay the car periodically to car for the particulates 
I use various waxes but currently on Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax
Roof is cared for with A303 sealant as can be seen here https://youtu.be/NrmSxJ8umZU  
Wheels I have ceramic coated a few months back with Gyeon Q2 Rim

Its MoT'd till March 2022. Currently on circa 73350 miles but will go up as I do use the car still. The car is for sale at the advertised price no offers thanks, please no tyre kickers, low ballers or time wasters. I'm happy to take you out for a test drive but wont be allowing you to drive, I will demonstrate that the car drives as expected and happy to go out for as long as you need to be happy with it. Any questions please ask, more than happy to run through the details of the car. Its located in Richmond Surrey/SW London. Price is £17500 for these appreciating cars.



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Having followed this around all of Scotland this summer, I can confirm it's a gorgeous bit of kit. Properly quick and very well looked after by Col, some really nice quality of life mods in there too. GLWTS mate.

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I would have been all over this, having followed your thread since (almost) day 1, but for the timing - fancy keeping hold of it for another year until I've got some money not tied up in a property purchase? :lol:


GLWTS, Col, someone's going to pick up a very well cared for car!

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Thanks guys, yes it is a gorgeous car and I cant stop looking outside at it thinking am I making a mistake!


I do have a few ideas for what next...but you will have to wait and see 😄 as you can imagine looking at my car history it wont be something run of the mill 😆

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