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Midlands Meet - Sunday 19th July


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Midlands Club Meet details below ✓


Details are already up on Facebook as of yesterday and apologies for the overlap. Please kindly add your names to the list below as this will help to gauge interest and see about a drive out, as the hospitality industry will be reopening where possible from this Saturday.






Melbicks Garden Centre
West Midlands
B46 3HX




Event is of course subject to a second lockdown, should this not be the case whichever government guidelines are present at the time of the meet will be observed for social distancing in public places. So upon arrival if you count a group of six cars, please kindly carry on to the next group and so forth. 


Thank you all and stay well 


1) davey83

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On 03/07/2020 at 11:11, Silverthorn said:

Damn, I'd love to attend but it clashes with the event being held at Torqen. I'll make sure i am there for the next one :thumbs:

Come over afterwards, we'll be on all day, from 12:00.


2 minutes ago, Bunning said:

What’s going on at Torqen that day?



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1 hour ago, davey_83 said:

I'm sure Adrian will reserve you a nice spot front and center B) be nice for me to arrange a meet and it be dry lol 

Just need good weather and a nice drive/catch up :drive1

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On 05/07/2020 at 10:23, one-eyed-king said:

Anyone passing Leicester on route?

I might be going from Leicester, the 19th is more than 2 weeks anyway since they locked us down......

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On 06/07/2020 at 10:02, one-eyed-king said:

Yeah with a dodgy disguise and fake idB) 

Nice ginger 350 btw, my first Z was a ginger GT coupe with the orange interior, loved it.

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