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[SOLD]SOLD - SUPERCHARGED 350Z/JDM/03/75k (Precious)


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Vortech V3SCi Supercharged 350Z (JDM)


SOLD :byebye:


Supercharged and mechanically enhanced (nothing cosmetic).


OK, the time has come and Precious has to be sold. I love this car - see my build thread. 








JDM 350Z / Fairlady Z - MY 2003 


Imported 15/09/2005, SVA 16/01/2008 @ 11600 km / 7208 miles - originally direct import from Osaka, Japan. All SVA, DVLA and Jap export/import certificates included - nothing remotely grey about it, 4 previous owners but owned by me at low mileage since 26 May 2011 @ 23091 miles). 


Early mileage dealer service history. Self service history includes an extensive log of new parts upgrades, full MOT documentation (inc emissions) and a large box of receipts. Major upgrade service by Japex included stage 2 clutch/fly and diff/gearbox oils. Mapping at Abbey.


Currently 75364 miles (may move by a few miles)




12+ Months MOT (exp 24 Apr 2020)


Colour Silver (KY0)


Factory fit items


Fujitsubo Legalis R mid and rear stainless exhaust



Brembo (gold) calipers


HID main headlights (halogen high beam)


JDM auto Tilt / folding mirrors, twin auto (tinted) windows


Momo steering wheel


Useful top cubby with damped hatch (no useless JDM sat nav)


Manual transmission - 6MT


Usual Nissan anti-theft NATS (plus SVA fitted Thatcham cat 1 Cobra immobiliser)


2 keys (1 wireless remote, 1 spare), 2 immobiliser keys


Engine ECM is the superior JDM variety and has large memory space which allows live realtime tuning.








Vortech V3 SCi tuner supercharger (satin) package


3.33” pulley (safest)


Maxflow race BOV




CJM Stage 2 FRS which includes all fittings, Fuel Labs FPR, uprated bore pipes and final spec fully damped v.FE fuel rails fed in true parallel configuration


Walbro 255 lph pump in modified fuel bucket


HKS 3 step cooler (range 8) plugs


ID725cc Injectors


Wasso plenum spacer kit


Mishimoto Oil cooler 19 row (under front bumper) with thermostatic sandwich plate


Stillen enlarged capacity sump


Mishimoto fan shroud (keeping OEM radiator) correctly wired in independant fan mode. Radiator is OEM. Thermostat is Mishimoto low temperature type. Radiator cap is Mishimoto 1.3 bar with built in temperature gauge 


Mishimoto fully baffled and bronze filtered Oil catch can (the expensive one)


Custom NRV protected PCV and EVAP lines.






Fast intention resonated HFC with extra wideband port in each. Engine tuning, health and catalyser performance are excellent and MOT emissions test has been passed with flying colours for years. 


Stillen Y pipe


Factory fit Fujitsubo Legalis R stainless mid and rear sections. Rear section is highly polished with 4” tail pipes.




Meister R Zeta S coil overs, with extended rear adjusters flush fitting. Currently mildly lowered.


Eibach anti roll bars


Powergrid adjustable drop links


SuperPro high offset caster compression arm bushes (banana)




Competition Clutch Stage 2 clutch (2100) complete kit


Competition Clutch lightweight flywheel (ST)


Replaced slave cylinder


Technafit Braided clutch line


Upgrade chrome alloy pivot


All GB/Diff fluids replaced before tuning.




ZSpeed under tray


Underbody, cross frames and some suspension components treated with Hammerite and/or Dynax (circa 2015) UB, UC, S-50 and hydrate 80


Painted plenum, lacquered and painted strut brace, red anodised dress cups/bolts etc. 


Blox racing gear knob


Redline CF effect bonnet lifter/dampers


Z mats


Thick boot mat, Nissan Z floor mats




HEL braided brake lines. I have kept the original Brembo hard pipes (included in sale) if you wish to change these, however brakes are positive and strong.


EBC Yellowstuff pads 


EBC BSD blade disks (vented high carbon/silicon)


RBF 660 Brake fluid 


Other comments


UpRev Tuning method on Abbey Dynapack dyno to 380HHub (420 BHP engine) with AAM stage 0 FRS but after that I installed the much improved CJ stage 2 fuel system (see above).


Shell V Power / Nitro 98/99 only, no substitutes.


Serviced with Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W-30, K&N HP1008 filter, Gates belts

Nissan OEM coolant, MolySlip additive in gearbox, OEM diff and gear oils, Motul RBF660. 


A network of various electronic temperature and pressure sensors is installed (IAT, oil temp, plenum pressure, fuel pressure, top hose water temp, wideband AFR both banks). Optional DIY mini display and logger - this was a sub-project and is a bit nerdy but I can remove if required, allowing you to replace with analogue gauges if thats your thing.


Includes 2 x Zeitronics ZT-3 Bosch wideband sensors*


Last oil service at 75221 miles. For this, I changed supercharger oil (Vortech recommend every 7500miles), engine oil, engine oil filter, sump washer and emptied catch can. I change Fuchs engine oil and K&N filter every 5000miles approx instead of 9000miles. Engine takes around 6 1/2 l as it has a large sump and oil cooler.


The supercharger air filter was changed under 5k miles ago (they need service more often than normal zed air filters). Actually, I would advise you build a CAI like some of the other chaps on here, The Vortech filter works ok, but it doesn’t last long.


All other oils, fluids, belts etc, were changed during supercharger install and clutch upgrade. Brakes and suspension upgrades were previous to the supercharger install, and still fully functional. I keep an extensive log of services and installs.


I always warm the engine up gently, use neutral and never ride the clutch when waiting. I rev match gear changes and never force or crash them. 


I only engage 2nd at 8MPH when the box is cold (normal on zeds), and if it’s not yet ready, gently use 3rd instead. Other than that, the box is smooth and has no nasty synchro/crunching issues.


The bulk of its supercharged life has been spent doing spirited commuting 64 miles/day on A41 and M25 to work up to early 2018, but has had much less usage over the last couple of years due to emigration based reasons. It has never been thrashed or taken on to a track.


Underbody, sills, arches, crossmembers etc in good condition due to the Hammerite and Bilt Hamber Dynax protection. There is a very slight surface bubbling on front right wing. However, rear wings, roof, boot lid, doors, and left wing are completely rust free and the whole body shell is generally very good. Aluminium bonnet has usual Zed small paint issue at left hand leading edge, plus the bumpers have some normal minor wear and tear. I intended to fix all paint issues in one go with some new styling modifications, but plans changed.


Check out the near perfect roof and arches - apart from minor bubbles on the RHF wing and bonnet leading edge.





Windscreen has some tiny chips (MOT clear) that show up annoyingly in bright sunshine. Pretty normal.


Competition clutch and single mass flywheel is quite grabby in stop start traffic and makes drive train noisy if lugging below 2000 rpm (as these upgrades do in all zeds), however they also make it crisp and much more willing/sporty when driving. This is a stage 2 clutch/fly combo, and it doesn’t take prisoners in that you get to hear all the drive train has to say, but as it is built for speed more than comfort, this means if you are a city/London/regular traffic jam sitter, this car may not be the best choice as a daily driver unless you can then commute off peak (as I did). However as an A road stormer, it’s great.


Superchargers are quite loud and have a characteristic whine. There is a second whistle at cruising speed when off boost, which is air going through the BOV. Affecting the throttle makes a swoosh noise until the BOV closes - then its all engine / exhaust noise when boost is on. When then releasing throttle to come off boost, you get a pssshhhh noise. All entirely normal, but it’s not particularly subtle. The Legalis R / resonated HFC exhaust is well behaved and pretty quiet when at low load, but really comes alive and melodic when power is on. 


Being very picky, the blingy chrome engine dress bolt set is slightly rusty from condensation and tooling (anodised rings still good), also the strut brace has a little colouration on its underside. You will get the rest of my lacquer tin free to have a mini project.


Bootlid struts are saggy in cold weather, again typical zed. I have already removed the boot weight.


I removed a couple of parts that are shown in my build thread (sorry):

  • Stereo system - is now a basic Kenwood single din. Some wiring has been left intact, including the REVERSE CAMERA installation if you want to upgrade to video double din. Nuuvi has also gone.
  • Rear lights are back to the pre-facelift OEM type (not LED)
  • Currently on OEM 18” Touring wheels with winter Khumo KW27 tyres which have good 7mm tread. Reason for this is that my original Rotas had no longer any rear tyres fitted because of out of sequence purchasing, and these are now sold. Bonus is this gives you a handy spare winter set to protect any nice fresh summer wheels you may own or want to buy. Swapping wheels definitely makes sense if you want to use the car all year round.


Seats are comfy JDM cloth. These are much lighter weight than the GT leather, and also less of a drama if you want upgrade to Bride or Sparco.


*Bank 1 Zeitronics / Bosch Wide band sensor is intermittently erratic if the car has been standing for a long while in damp/winter, although recently it has been consistently working fine. Usually a good drive fixes it. This does not affect the engine at all, only visual monitoring of AFR in bank 1.




It would probably benefit from changing the diff mount to polybush, and a routine 4 wheel height and alignment or corner weighting for personalised setup. I prefer the settings medium soft and only slightly lowered. Damper and spring settings are fully user adjustable. 


I think it could do with a maintenance fine-tuning spell on the dyno for tweaking the open loop part of the map, as the last tweak was via eTune (with Abbey and using experimental data) using on-road testing a few years ago after I upgraded to CJ stage 2 FRS, as around 3k rpm it may still be a bit rich (which is safe). Opinions vary about best method, but dyno is way more controlled and better in my opinion, so I suggest a visit to a pro tuner like Abbey/Horsham if desired. This is all optional of course because the car has plenty of power, runs fine and handles great. The closed loop narrow band operation (for normal driving) is absolutely fine and works efficiently with around 27-29 mpg. I have various iterations of map files available as base for pro tuner tweaks eg Abbey. These tuning maps are in original format (CD405/406), so if used again will need updating to new UpRev format at a pro tuner (they will know what to do).


Although cruise control is not fitted, the ECM does actually allow 5 separate map programs in flash, and if desired each could in theory be selected if cruise switches or some alternative (eg rotary) are retro fitted.


At this price, there are two ways to think about this car: either it is a low mileage and well maintained supercharged Zed that hasn’t had a load of dubious styling mods inflicted on it, or a complete ready to go fully tested supercharger kit with all supporting modifications including fuelling, cooling, brakes, suspension plus many added extras with a free clean, fast and reliable Zed attached! Sleeper, project or profit. 


If you wish to buy it, please make sure you have researched a quote for fully declared specialist insurance. Insurance depends on the person - for me (31 years driving, over 50 in a very safe part of England) it is under £400 pa with Flux, which is pretty good. DVLA Tax on this car is cheap at £265 pa. 


Please also have full purchase funds ready for direct bank transfer (or PayPal). I won’t be doing conditional payment schedules, loans or crazy joyrides or allowing uninsured test drives. When I originally bought it from a dealer, he took me out for short ride, I inspected it, then I insured, taxed and paid in full on the same day by direct transfer and drove it away happy. This seems safe and fair. I have also seen far too much Judge Judy. :lol:


Genuine reason for sale - I am emigrating and can’t take it with me (feasibly), otherwise I would have kept it. Buy my house too if you like.




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Just now, SuperStu said:

Hell of Zed, GLWTS.


High res pictures shrink because we have to host images ourselves these days.

Thanks Stu :teeth:


Ahh.. now you mention it, I forgot the details of the hosting limit. Hope my build threads’ old Photobucket pics survive the next few days :doh:

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Thanks Gareth, yes its always a difficult thing to set a price. Yes there is a big spec here, and I think mine is a great example, but I need to repay for Precious 2 in Oz and get moving. I am aiming for full asking price without being messed about too, so have pitched it to be at the affordable end of bargain. People can always offer me more if they want :lol:

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2 minutes ago, andy james said:

GLWTS. Big saving for someone thinking of boosting a zed.

Haha.. oh don’t we both know that one :lol: Charging properly goes waaay beyond the cost of the original kit! 

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37 minutes ago, nissanman312 said:

That's how you do an advert! awesome car.

glwts mate 


9 minutes ago, evilscorp said:

:thumbs: GLWTS, nice way to sell a car with all the details, hopefully reducing the risk of time wasters. £7500 will tempt a few I imagine.

Thanks chaps! 

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1 hour ago, PPod said:

If I bought it then took the charger/mods out for my own z then sold yours would you be happy ?  Cause I'm so tempted 

Naawww... that idea does not spark joy..


I’m only advertising on here so far as I wanted it to go to a good clubbie home and be looked after and possibly modded further... if it were cannibalised and then dumped on the open market for the eBay/Facebook brigade, I’d be sad. I suppose I can’t control what happens after sale however. 


Buying stuff new, the modification parts alone added up to over £13k not including ordinary maintenance parts, running costs or ownership etc. I can see why you’d be tempted to use mine as a donor. Have you seen the roadster on eBay for £10k?


I think I’d need an offer higher than current asking price, to get me over the sentimental hump if it’s (her) fate was to be split up. :thumbs: I’m starting to think my price is too cheap anyway :doh:

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3 minutes ago, PPod said:

I think you should bump the price up to be honest    100%



Ok then.. due to popular encouragement, I’ll bung another £1000 on the asking price then.


The ultra-bargain window is shut - that will now pay for my Oz car (Precious 2) as well as its ridiculously expensive Queensland registration charges now.  :clap:

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1 hour ago, monkeybrain1234 said:

Great Advert Chris  - What a car for the money. :clap:

Thanks monkey.. I went for a nice 106 mile fun-ride in it around Bucks a couple of weeks ago - it is a great car and I will miss it.


I also had a poke around underneath yesterday - the paint and protection I put on when I was still developing is standing up pretty well, glad to say, even after a few years as my daily. Needs a bit of a clean and a few minor touch ups, but its sound. Some zeds are atrocious downstairs (just ask people like Japex about what they have seen on other cars, even 370Z’s) - but not this one!




Idle is still perfectly stoichiometric




Brakes still have plenty left on them (usual yellow stuff contact marks on the blades, but thats normal)




There has been some interest on PM so far, but money and distance have been issues.


Ideally I want someone to take it over, give it a body kit perhaps, and at the same time fix the paint blemishes / bumper rash as I intended to do in the past. Also it could be an excellent donor to other peoples pride and joy if they want to low cost FI too (sacrilege but I need to move on). 




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Price dropped to £8250


Just to show engine emissions health and Fast Intentions HFC compatibility with MOT, here are my car’s emissions figures. OEM cats previously and Fast Intention HFC since 08/2014, also supercharger went live 11/2014, so S/C+HFC MOT dates 2015 onward. This shows HFC and supercharged tuning performance during stoichiometric testing continues to be spot on. No issues with getting it through the emissions MOT what so ever.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Still for sale. I am open to offers if you have the money ready in your bank account :p


Other tempting items in my car are..


a complete OEM toolkit (I used the jack recently when I changed oils, as my trolley jack is in Oz)




a shiny unused space saver spare wheel and tyre




a nice Z encrusted thick boot mat (the cat fur is free)




and of course a big box of receipts, certificates etc, a leather binder and pristine user manual.





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