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  1. Hi Ian, Just saw this, ive committed to buy another one from one of the guys on the foru. Sorry mate!
  2. Does it have the fascia?
  3. Hello, I've ripped out the centre console and currently spraying the plastic so thought it would be good to get rid of that tape deck! My car isnt a daily so the radio is never on, just looking for a double din for aesthetics only. Ideally it will come with the wiring and fascia
  4. The nismo 370 wasnt fair as his rears were completely shot so it was probably a little unfair but the auto S does pretty much 13.0 on the 1/4 standard!
  5. Hi all, I originally bought this car back in Feb 2013 but I sold it 3 years ago to IRN BRU. 5 years on, I've now bought it back and it now has the luxury of being a toy car thanks to owning a company car! I regretted selling her instantly, which has been reflected in having changed cars 4 time in 3 years. Here she is before I sold her: I bought an A5 3.0tdi S-line after this, I got it remapped and it was pretty fast but it was just your typical German barge that was ridiculously nose heavy in the corners and offered no driving satisfaction whatsoever. It was impressive in a straight line though, here is a video of me racing an RS4 at Crail raceway, the video is from inside the RS4: 9 months after buying the A5 I traded it in for a Subaru WRX hatch I hated this car but I kept it for over 2 years.... it wasn't that fast, it wasn't great in the corners but the more I think back it was actually quite a fun car to drive and it never missed a beat. I was about to get married, the plan was to sell this after the wedding and get an XKR but then this happened: The car came to an unfortunate end by meeting the toe bar of a pickup truck who pulled out at a roundabout and then decided to stop,,, It was a really big roundabout so my head was turned completely to the right and noticed I could make it out no problem and pressed the loud pedal,,,,, So my next choice was hampered from money and an insurance perspective... So I went from looking at 4.2 supercharged V8s to getting an Audi TTS auto... It's funny because everyone will obviously come out with the hairdresser remarks, but I really loved this car. It was blistering on the straights and the bends, the double clutch gearbox meant you could do perfect downshifts without having wizards feet and it was really fun to drive. I would 100% own another one at some point, hopefully the RS version, they aren't like all the other nose heavy Audi's, there was some play in the back but it was generally a point and shoot sort of car. Here is a video of me racing AMT HR Zed that he has now sold,,,, probably after this mauling With a baby due in October last year,,, this had to go. I always like big jeeps and thought it would be a good time to scratch the itch! So I got a BMW x5 3.0D Msport,, I done a lot of research into the faults with the likes of the Q7, RRS and X5 and it certainly seemed on the face of it,,, the one with the least issues. Sadly it was nothing but a burden of a car. I spent more time driving my misses car because this was always in the garage getting something done! Thankfully a promotion came with the benefit of a company car. I sold the X5 and began pestering IRN BRU(Brian) to sell me the Zed back. He took a few weeks to think about it but eventually agreed to sell her back. I went down last week to see her and sort the boring parts. I've now got the V5 and my private plate ready to go, so I'm going back down on Saturday in McQueezy 370z Nismo Mk2 (fitting chariot to collect a Zed) to pick her up. I've been really lucky as I know Brian has looked after her and thrown as much money as I did at her. So now I'm getting a much better car back and I cant wait!!! sorry for rabbiting on! Cheers, Kris
  6. God your collection has grown since the last time I was on here! My first guitar was a bc rich warlock in metalic blue, it didnt have the scorpion head. So the balance was ok.. until it met the floor from height and died
  7. Disconnected the battery and the siren was still going mental was about to just stab myself to stop the noise found the fuse and got it out. Looking forward to a nice sleep tonight!
  8. This is why I love this forum Cheers mate
  9. Thanks GM, I have searched the internet high and low including that site. I was already in the TTuk forum and put up the same post last week and had basically no replys. The problem is almost all the issues you find in google are related to the mk1 TT!
  10. Hi guys, I know this isn't a 350z but there is always a vast array of knowledge on this forum! I have a TTS that has been playing up big time recently. It first started with the alarm going off randomly when the car was locked, normally when it was raining. It stopped doing this for a while until last week when I was driving to work and the alarm started going off while I was driving! This was a bone dry day, there was no hazards flashing, no error messages, nothing on the "trip" to say any door/boot was open. It done this multiple times on that journey then didn't do it again for about 4 days. I started the car yesterday morning after it had been left sitting on the drive since Tuesday. Straight away the alarm started going off, again no hazards just the siren,,, it wouldn't stop. I eventually disconnected the battery and took the misses car. I made the brave assumption that it could be the battery causing these issues and forked out £140 for a new one which i fitted last night(nightmare) I drove the car to football last night with no issues and parked up. 3AM and boom,,, alarm going off again! I drove the car this morning and drove into work, it was ok the whole way in until 5mins to go and the siren went off. I was driving along opening and closing the door trying to shut the thing up. I noticed the passenger window had dropped slightly like they do when you open the door. I am not sure it does this everytime the siren goes off but I did notice it this time. I posted in the TT forum but they're all hairdressers and have so far come back with zero info. There was a known issue with the siren battery leaking but this was on the older shape where the siren was located in the boot. No one has told me where the siren is in my car but its under the bonnet somewhere. Car is a 59 plate,,,, I am going to take it to an auto electrician tomorrow but any advise would be good!! Cheers
  11. Depending on how long your interview is, you could just park on the streets around there. Its expensive, but there will be multiple spaces in and around there.
  12. I think its the HT stage 100 but don't quote me on that! Best go to a music shop and have a play about with them! The EMG's are unbelievably versatile, I bring the strat to gigs for the "cleaner" songs but I find myself using the EMG's for more and more. I am lucky if I use the strat for about 7 songs.. and I still only use the strat as they're songs that have that "strat" mowtown sound. I know what you mean about the satin neck, some of these painted/treated necks give too much resistance!
  13. Well done mate, new guitar day is always a good day. Whats the 61 like? It's the 81/89 I have on my hellraiser solo 6. My mate has a blackstar valve head/cab which sounds really good. It will probably cost you half vs the marshall equivalent!
  14. I dont know the value of the goods that were stolen however, keep in mind if you do lodge a claim it will be with you for 5 years. The price of the rear glass not be much more than your excess. I would probably kick a tree or something then just bite the bullet and pay it myself
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