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Jumping350 Build - Reborn 17/4/2018


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Thought I might as well start my build thread and show my story so far (it has only been 4 years :lol: )

This is how she started in 2010 - except started out on 17 inch Jdms




I added a nismo front splitter and plastdipped the wheels black




Plastidipped badges and door handles too




Time passed and a many threads read led me to attempt to wrap roof with ddcboyle





Then I plastidipped the front splitter and a line along the door to add to my Black and Silver theme and added some pink stickers for the hell of it :lol:




Pete (thenoname) turned this...



into this....



Then I really badly wrapped my spoiler and swapped my lights from this...



to this.....



Customary window sticker



Many months passed and many bodykits passed my eyes then I thought im a bit odd and different so lets make the zed that way :lol:

This was a two way project in a fixing my rubbish fog light and having a different rear bumper as i liked the 370z bumper I gave that a go

so i took this



With a lot of cutting, sanding and moulding/rivoting and of course swearing, I ended up with this



Quick trial fit



While this was going on I couldnt do everything at once and still drive the car so i purchased this to tie me over till i finished the zed, was supposed to buy a run around not sure what happened :wacko:



I then decided to rip these out...



and replace with this comfy mother



The new seats looked worse than the old seats when I got them follow Petes epic revival of them here



At this point I figured I better do some engine bay stuff so spraying began on strut and replacement bits were sourced for the bay.




wrapped and sprayed



The result



So the backs getting sorted so the front now needs some attention so picked this up (not everyone likes the veilside...as i found out.......in fact i think its just me and a few others :lol: but its my car so its going on)



Trial fit




Then I sprayed my wheels black proerly (excuse the lack of centre cap and old nuts :scare: )



I was then broke for many months after the previous stuff until the day finally came when I saved up all my pennies bought all my bits prepped everything and took it to Brooklands Kent to be put together

The rear




The interior all wired in and seats finally moving!!



A snuggly fitting new bumper



Starting to take shape




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So where am i today, well plastidipped the rear and thinking of doing the lower front of veilside as well and added some stickers of people that helped, she comes out of 6 months hibernating this week hopefully, so some new pics needed




more things to follow this year but thought I would put my progress up as its good to keep it in one place and someone may find it interesting :lol:

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Thanks for the nice comments guys, I did change my mind quite a bit along the way, a few more bits to colour code, the wheels need sorting out but thinking some Tarmac side steps are in order....but im broke from my latest purchase :ninja:

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Thanks for kind comments guys.....so...

Today I dumped all the crap oil out that's been sitting there for 6 months, all went well except the oil filter which in the end got off...still the oil dip stick is being a pain and giving me funny readings but i just put 4.5 litres in and its in the low range on stick, there's no leaks so it must be in there somewhere :lol:

Any way decided to try turn it over anyway, so the battery had been kept on my laminate floor all winter till today, chucked it in all lights popped up ,,,good sign.

Oil pressure gauge on zero when ignition lights were on (couldnt remember if it always did it or not) thought il turn it over and if it doesn't move il cut it off instantly.

Turn key....all gauge lights go off except abs/tcs/oil/battery etc then come back on when key is back to reset, could it be a battery? no sign of anything engaging or try to start just silence when i turn the key (i start to despair) mess around with immobilizer and key for a while, car fires up then dies 4 times (oil pressure gauge shoots up then shoots down when it dies so good sign again.

Eventually jumps into life ...shes alive.....oil pressure goes to just under max, idles at about 2k crap loads of smoke my gf panics :lol: which leads me to shut it off.


Yell at my mrs then :lol: Restart her... idle starts lowering, oil pressure starts lowering I keep an eye on it and idle settles around 1k and oil pressure just over 2 (ive got an import and oil pressure reads 2,4,6,8 4 being in the middle) does this about right?? i cant remember

no check engine, no odd noises, no smoke, temp gauge sits at just under half and stays...so I give it a bit of a blip :cloud9: (can hear kids round the corner go ..what was that :lol:)

Ive missed the zed and really impressed how long you can leave them and just fire them back up with out to much bother.

Im still mega paranoid though its all ok so i shut her off and will check oil and fill her up with fresh Super tommorow

pics to follow....

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look forward to see what you cook up mike, its funny as my old spoiler (nismo style) looked lost after the bumper change and the v2 just looks perfect for it.

Well replace the side skirt I damaged today :wacko: and there will be some new secrets to be unveiled soon :teeth:

It was great to pull the covers off it today and see the sun gleaming off...and of course some noise

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Impressive build! Good work on the body. Deciding on what kit or bits to fit is a nightmare.

You've definitely got something unique there with the rear and that front end.

Like the work on the plastidip as well. Did you find that quite easy to do?

Engine bay is looking nice, strut brace came out well and the engine cover I like a lot! :)

Be good to see what else you have planned down the line.

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Yaaaaaay page 2!!!!! Thanks guys that made me chuckle! Wiz I've had every part/kit you can imagine then swapped it for something else numerous times! The only way was take the bits I liked and threw them together till it looked nice in my eyes. Plastidip was easy start small and the more you do the better you get, well I might as well say as I've not done so yet but a s/c has currently emptied the bank account, can't wait though

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