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  1. Well amazingly ive done something in a reasonable time frame from when I said I would P0350 was coil pack 6 swapped it out and all smooth again with no engine lights
  2. I have returned again after a while away with life and a world pandemic I was toying a lot with moving the zed on and buying something else but in the end for the money not a lot out weighs it for what I am looking for unless I drop like 30-40k which when trying to build a house doesn't sit well. So in short im keeping it forever haha and restyling it and making sure everything is sound for a new lease of life next year. Couple of things for the list: Full Wrap New silicone hoses all round Refresh everything on oil cooler system Sort stupid P0350 code Wheel Refurb/colour change BOV upgrade Il keep going until engine blows and then forged engine time Glad to be back
  3. hi mate il take all the discs for £400 il pm you now
  4. this still for sale im interested
  5. Great info above guys really interesting stuff, its crazy how ambient temp can make such a difference to the running and efficiency really hot days is a killer at the moment as I live in London and struggle to get enough air through the system at the best of times. but mild day and temps stay constant and in an area im happy with..will be an interesting summer
  6. Hi all, Change of plans means I dont require these anymore. Tein Lowering Springs (Spings are in fantastic condition look hardly used) 17/14 mm drop Fronts already mounted on stock suspension so literally a straight swap with these all mounting points and rubber in good condition Can get more pics if needed was in a bit of a rush £200 ono collected from Surrey
  7. toothed belt can get from here https://www.torqen.uk/130-belts-pulleys-oil What size pulley do you have?
  8. online shopping no more to say, i know people/cars always seem to gravitate to wherever we park but ive found the furthest spot from the entrance is the safest, people are generally to lazy/time conscious these days to mission it across a car park
  9. it was 28 sitting still on start up should of said, it doesnt half creep up though in traffic but driving round today how i do, it doesnt go anywhere near 70 so all good. slightly concerned about traffic as i drive around London a lot and bound to get caught up in stand still/slow creeping traffic on a hot day at some point (maybe tommorow as im going through Blackwall Tunnel!) Would an inter cooler water spray help keep temps down in this situation (my mate has given me a kit) or anything else that would help? or generally am i worrying about nothing and it will be ok
  10. cheers mark i presume all is ok at 28 celcius then from what you said above. I actually tried to call you guys earlier to find out good info to know
  11. Thanks il keep an eye on it later and report back last night it was at 28 degree C
  12. Does anyone know what my air intake temp is meant to be normally on my Vortech V2 on stock IAT sensor? or what range i should be in Also has anyone added intercooler water spray and is it worth it? Im looking to add a sensor somewhere in intercooler piping to see what difference is between the two any help appreciated
  13. So after a long time out of the game or an update, im happy to say im back and couldn't be happier I got my zed back to . Done many checks before I re-fired her back up and started on the button and forgot how amazing the Vortech sounds. Still a few niggles to sort out but mechanically still a beast and still turning heads in the street Few pics from today and plenty of new mods on the cards to come in the coming weeks oh and yes i know my headlights need a buffing
  14. so its your drive belt slipping? tightened ok? you have pulley mod to, im guessing 3.12 pulley? is that pulley in a good state? ive heard they can wear smooth and this can cause slipping from time to time Ive got all your bits also but unfitted and yet to slip yet (was going to do it as and when)
  15. have you fitted the the other 90ish degree little bracket? doesnt look like its there in your pic? not sure how much of a difference it will make but looks like there is meant to be another bit there from google pics. https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/turbos-superchargers/belts-pulleys-oil/1769-350z-de-vortech-superchager-bracket-stiffener-trq-350brktde-revup.html Are you getting belt slip?
  16. Yeah they are dinky lol I did mine myself and wasn't very difficult at all but if your unsure with these things best to get auto electrician to do it, literally 10 min job so wouldn't cost much
  17. change your terminal to UK ones it will save you hassle going forward, and also can get a bigger battery than the tiny one for JDM
  18. Hi all few bits for sale All items are collection only from near Kingston, Surrey Am willing to post but PM to discuss 370z Evo R diffuser Tarmac sports one in gloss black, slight crack on one end and slight repair on inside (shown in pics) Never fitted £120 370z/HR twin oem air box setup with maf tube and little duct thing £100 Hel Brembo brake lines (box is tatty but new and unused and contains bolts and washers) for 350z -code in pic £50 370z/HR OEM genuine expansion tank £70 One off custom aluminium 370z/HR expansion tank - all the hard work is done just needs a breather pipe put in and a cap £170 GTM Supercharger pulley (have belt somewhere aswell) £60 Genuine brand new oem L/H front seat belt £70
  19. jumping350

    Rear diffuser

    pics pics pics haha look forward to seeing it
  20. il take a look thanks, im not going for quiet so perfect just re insured the zed this second also
  21. Thanks Uncle Keyser and Scorps always got the knowledge. Il take my filter off bpv for now and see how much more noise I get, spring rates are already giving me a headache but will find out what i have then go from there but looking like a Tial swap over at some point. Thanks for link to MLR they are literally down the road from me so will just go and see them, im pretty sire i know the guy anyway. As for Ash hoses some extensive measuring is order then lol but really not happy with how little hose covers ends of connecting pipes theres barely room for the clip. Thanks guys
  22. So after 14 months out and learning to walk again after snapping my Achilles tendon clean in half, I am now back and ready to bring my zed back out for the summer. Done a bit of research but still a bit baffled: Silicone hoses for inter cooler piping have seen better days and are quite short and not much room for maneuver, they are fine but I would rather replace the lot but is there a replacement vortech hose kit? or am i going to have to buy a length and cut up to make my own? if so what hoses should I go for (obviously dont want to cheap out and have them split or bulge or explode) By pass valve - Mine is really quiet but has vortech filter over it will removing filter make much more noise? obviously im after whooshes lol mine does do it but ive heard some that are savage. Im confused with bypass valve as everything else is blow off valve, most common one i see is Tial (bloody expensive) but have no idea which model it is, are there any alternatives anyone has run in past or at the moment that works with Vortech? and will it effect performance over my current vortech bpv Also any good recommendations for places that will machine AN fittings onto cut a set length of braided hose. Ive been a bit off the scene so hard getting back into all the research bits but must say really excited to have the zed back (my mates been looking after it in his garage all this time) contemplated chucking it in recently for either a V10 M6 or Audi R8 but thought better of it for now and decided to keep the beast Any info or advice on above would be great





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