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Keyless car stolen WITHOUT scanner


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My brother's Kia Sportage was just stolen today.
Parked on the road outside his terraced  house.
His CCTV showed they did it in 4 min total despite his keys ALWAYS being in a Faraday box.
They took a photo of his car reg 
Went on a laptop in their car 
2 min later used their keyless device, got in the Kia and drove away 😱.
We reckon they've breached Kia database for keyless entry Kia Sportage models😬

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I'm really intrigued, did they tamper with the car at all? Fudge around with the canbus? I wonder if it's another flaw in Kia and their cheap approach to security - maybe it's easy to use the Reg/VIN to guess the transcoder? Mind if I ask what area/part of the country?


I'm always paranoid so steering lock as well as a Faraday box. Granted, I've just seen someone smash a car window to steal a bag, so no matter how much you try, there's always a moron who will take what's not theirs.

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Hyundai ioniq apparently have a security breach That Hyundai are looking into. Kia and Hyundai share platforms. 


It may be that transcoder hacking software is available on dark Web etc. Old school steering lock might be the way


Apparently in my area they were intercepting key signals in shopping car parks on arrival. 

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Part 1 of his CCTV footage showing them taking a photo of the number plate.


Then he returns a minute later and simply unlocks the car 


Gets in and is joined by an accomplss



.....and they're off!



Happened in Tooting Broadway in South London 

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Anyone else find it odd that they took a picture of the front of the car having come from behind the car?


@HEADPHONES There's a decent view of both of them in those videos, any interest from the police at all?



13 hours ago, davey_83 said:

Gutting to see, might be a Kia employee sadly 


That's a stretch. It could just as easuly be a Lex Autolease employee!


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22 hours ago, HEADPHONES said:


Police were not interested and asked him to log everything online for a crime reference number to send to the insurance company :surrender:


That ticket is closed after 24 hours citing lack of resources. Police report is for insurance purposes. Good to have a tracker. Car thefts are high in London. On some cars you can track and remotely shut down the car preventing theft. I think Tesla have that feature. 


Cars are sometimes dumped locally awaiting the next move either to the port or breakers. It's worth posting it in local pages. 

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16 hours ago, DoogyRev said:

Kia and Hyundai have very poor security, there are some insurers in the US that won’t insure them due to them being so easy to nick. 



Class action law suit was successful as well. Sad times. If paying 50 grand a tracker app should be standard 

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