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National Z Event - British Motor Museum 2023

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Recently had the all clear from Susan on the events team for our 2023 National Z Club gathering. Parking front and center, with the South lawn all to ourselves *FREE event no ticket needed.


All forum members welcome





Sunday 28th May



10am - 2pm



British Motor Museum

Banbury Road


CV35 0BJ


Discount tickets of £10 per person also available to us, for anyone wishing to have a nose round the museum. The display changes every year, so very much a nose round if not been for a while however the best motors will be outside 😁




1 - davey_83

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yes although not the silver it’s that grey/silver it’s apparently a 56 up rev  model although didn’t realise that until a member of the club told me at one of the Melbicks meets last year mind you only had it 6 years 🤷‍♂️😂

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1. davey_83

2. pintopete58

3. George1966

4. Rhysos

5. Headphones

6. Monkey1983

7. budbongo

9. Justthejedi

10. V1H


Sounds great! Would love to come and bring my son and wife (second car) to combine this meet with a museum event :)

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