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The Zed's gone


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After 12 years of happy ownership, she was sold today...I'm sad in away 🙁

onward and upwards.

apart for the wheels...so if anybody want's to buy them let me know

By guys.


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9 minutes ago, pintopete58 said:

Any pictures please

I'll be happy to supply pics, can't do at the moment... flying to Australia for 2 months tonight, I'll sort it when I return in March

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On 03/01/2023 at 15:20, gort said:

Okay Guys, these are for sale

19" Dotz GTR (deep dish)

with Falken AZENIS 



in liquid Orange

These came off the car a above, they include spacers (see pics)

















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42 minutes ago, GranTurismoEra said:

Do they fit 370Z?

I've no idea... sorry

These are the measurements,

8.5 X 19" 5X114 ET35 (Fronts)

9.5 X 19" 5x114 ET35 (Rears)

someone on here will have a better understanding

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On 04/01/2023 at 00:44, HEADPHONES said:

Don't leave the fold even though the Zed has.

Maybe start a new thread on your new car.

I saw hints of it on Facebook and it does look exceedingly good;)

The replacement ❤️


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Isn’t it a shame that manufacturers don’t produce cars with wheels that fit properly, I think top end Audi’s and Bimmers are the only ones that come somewhat close 

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Theyre nice....its the view out f the front is slim so cant see the cameras or the curb 📸......Looking at them i doubt i could fit in. Can barely fit in an 86. A few in my area. Would be nice as my brother has a 2jz 

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