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It’s not a party at the Zed shed!!!

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So I told Mrs Keyser I don’t want a party for my 50th birthday I’m happy with a quiet night and let it slip by unnoticed. 


So no party was organised. No instead completely unknown to me she organised a BBQ

 Beb our favourite BBQ chef was on hand to cook far to much lovely food and Mrs Buster organised a large number of friends and forum members to attend my 50th not party!


A huge thanks to all you lot (well done for not one of you letting slip) who came down from miles away.

i had a cracking day a great laugh and far to much food :lol: 


any one that took pictures feel free to post, I’m off to do something I don’t do often and have a few beers :thumbs: 


Thanks again guys n gals I’ve had a cracking day :) 

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It was a awesome day and the weather was absolutely beautiful lol. Didn't stop us from having a cracking day and catching up with great friends. 


Glad you had a good day mate, you deserve it. 

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Fantastic afternoon considering the atrocious weather.

Just shows how strong the Z community still is especially when Beb fires up the barbie!

A big thanks to the girls for organising once again. 

Skiing in August next?...........

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What a day for a BBQ (which was definitely not a party) :lol: 


I'm glad the weather warnings didn't put anyone off :) what an awesome day




The Zed Shed BBQ attachment




Correct quantity of candles (representing mental age)








During the war, we used to pull these silly faces to confuse the enemy



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