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My Yellow import


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I thought even though I haven't done hardly anything to this car since I bought it in may 16.

I've got some things lined up for this before show season this summer.

So I thought I'd start by posting some pictures of how it looks now and some picture of how

Much fun I've had in it over the summer and keep updating as I go on.


I need to get the boring stuff out the way first, Ive had a full geo set up done by a performance tyre and tracking garage, now all I need is to wax oil, a service (I've got all service bits), I spare key cut (this isn't simple for imports) I've read all the threads and done my research) but soon I will post a simple step by step on how I sourced my key and got it coded)


I'm looking to get new wheels I know what I want and I am ordering them the end of the month ;) - Done


Will post a picture when they arrive!


After wheels I want

Front and rear lip, skirts and a nice spoiler (haven't found one yet) - Done

Red buckets seats (maybe brides)

Full stainless and remap

New steering wheel

Maybe coilovers.

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You need to open Imgur, click each image, you will see on the right hand side a 'Direct Link' copy the link and come back here, click the green square and copy the URL link into the space provided, then it will link the image to the post.

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Yup, I'm gonna say it..



Nice arse.




On the car of course :teeth:


Nice to see the rare yellow Z, I don't think I've spotted one before.

Before ordering a steering wheel, have a look here first, he did my one and I love it !




Haha! 😂


Thank you for the link Will check them out as haven't decided on a steering wheel yet.

Was wondering the other day if you could fit a 370z wheel on a 350z but not sure if that would work/be quite expensive.

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Love the UY's. Kudos for doing the boring stuff first.


You guys remind me of Torretto's crew in F&F 1. :D






Yes we are like a little family!

Most of us used to own Hondas (I still own mine) haha!

Now we have all switched to RWD!

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It might work but I've no idea's on the dimensions for it, they'll be on the forums somewhere probably.

This is how my one came out, and I'm still really chuffed with it :)



Wow that is really nice. I love that!

How much did it cost if you don't mind me asking?

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So this is what I went for:

thicker (4mm)

perforated sides

nappa top/bottom

orange stitching


The price would be:

115GBP + 15GBP fitting


It's worth sending an enquiry to him, prices may have changed now as that was about 2 ago.

It's really worth doing :)

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