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Brexit 23rd June..?



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I'm going to chime in here, as a result from my experiences growing up in the UK, being an ethnic minority.

Now, all of this is of my own opinion and life experiences, if some of you may choose to ignore me, it's your right to do so.


Furthermore I completely agree with power to the people and the democratic process.


That being said, a lot of the leave campaign has been focused on the economy, some freedom of movement, with odd detours of "350 million" and "Laws from Brussels" etc.


However, lets not kid ourselves. Many people from both camps have voted without knowing or even caring about facts.


The most unfortunate of those are the leave campaign voters that have based their decision on racism. And here's why:


Institutionalised racism is alive and well in the UK, it always has been, and it always will be. Most of it is non-violent, and you adapt to it and (unfortunately) accept it as you grow up.


When I was 16/17, and getting to that age where you're getting more "Street smart", you tend to notice peoples emotions and reactions towards you more.

I started to notice more and more the funny looks you get when you walk into one of "Those pubs", I also started to hear the odd comment under peoples breaths, and generally got; "Don't see many of em round here" kind of vibe.

Now, when I realised this was happening for the first time, being a young'un I got rather upset. After a while however, I started to get less and less bothered by it, it's one of those things.


The one thing that I noticed growing up however, it that these comments, dodgy looks and general prejudice changes from location to location and from political climate.


When I was 19, it was the worst, (in my mind) because at the time; UKIP and the EDL, etc. we're rising in the media and popularity.

Around the same time, I was hospitalised by a group of people that thought I didn't belong in the UK.

Believe it or not, (I've noticed) the more people think their views are shared, the less stigma they carry, the more open they are about them.


Now, before people start thinking I'm going on a rant how "Leave campaign is all about xenophobia, racism etc".

I'm not; because I know the majority aren't racists, and voted for what they believe are their best interests.


However, you can't ignore the fact that some "Leave" votes were racially motivated, and are the product of growing nationalism.

Going back to when I was 19, and the snide comments became more frequent, so did the way people reacted to me in public; Bars, pubs, Country fairs (Oddly the worst case I've ever had), etc.

The genuine concern I have, is the rise of public racism and prejudice again.


This happens because some leave voters are racists, and this victory for the leave campaign has without a doubt, reinforced their beliefs that racism is okay, especially in a public setting.

Now, I'm not the thought police, people can think what they want in their own heads, and in their own homes, but I really don't want to be the subject of someones (or more often a group of peoples) mocking or prejudice.


If you do some reading on twitter and facebook, and search for tweets resulting in racial abuse, you'll see the effects that the referendum has had towards racial discrimination already.

(I keep tabs on EDL/NF/BNP etc. rallies on facebook and twitter, because I've been subject to verbal/physical abuse already by these groups).


I'll repeat this again;

I don't think or feel that most of the leave voters are racists or xenophobic, but the ones who are now feel that they've had their opinions validated by over half the country.


Thats my main concern with brexit, and I'm genuinely anxious.


- Beefy

Thank you for sharing, To be clear, I'm not from an ethnic minority but I do worry about this trend that does seem to becoming more prevalent. Worrying times indeed.
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There's a petition to have another go at the battle of hastings if anyone was unhappy with the result? ;)


Should there be a petition to over-turn the petition? I bet it would get millions of votes too :lol:

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Australia used to be a keen trade partner till we snubbed them for Europe. they would be up for a new free tade agreement, but it would need to be renegotitiated, apparently they won't just allows us to take the old one out the draw and dust it off.

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All the talk from businesses removing jobs from the UK was to be expected (from those who cared to try and understand what exit meant anyway) which is exactly why the Boris idea of 'lets take our time' is so ridiculous and shows how cut off from the implications of this decision this buffoon is. The longer we sit in this space of uncertainty the more risky it is to our industries, we have to get this sorted as soon as possible. I really do despair at how poorly prepared and how utterly uninspiring the politicians in the leave camp are now, amateurish at best and moronic at worst.

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Its a good question Banz - when Farage thought they had narrowly lost on Thursday night he said they had lost the battle but the war would go on. What did he mean by that? How could he win his ultimate goal of leaving the EU if that referendum was the one and only opportunity to do that? I presume he believed that UKIP could actually win an general election?


If it had been the other way around, we would have stayed in and I would imagine we would have Leave campaigners whinging and asking for another vote just like they are accusing remainers now. But I imagine we could have taken a load of collateral to the EU and really hammered home that some reform is required. As it is, they look to be reforming anyway, just without us having a say in it now, so we have any reform and regulation passed to us in future without our influence at the table.

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Concerning... copied from a good friend's status today:


"I have just witnessed something quite disturbing. I was sat on Margates flood defenses when these two really sweet sounding little siblings (brother and sister I assume) were playing really nicely and enjoying the sunshine, their parents or guardians went and bought some food back for them. After a while the seagulls could smell/sense the food and descended on them to beg for food. What a lovely family I thought. In no less than a minute, the kids (who couldn't have been any older than 8-9 years old) said to the seagulls: "F*** off you immigrant c**ts, get out, this is our country, our rules!!".

..and they wonder why this country is going down the pan. It's not the immigrants, its the disgusting parents who teach their kids this rubbish, in the years when they need nurturing they are being fed this crap. I despair of the human race, I really do.

Oh yeah, and their parents reeked of booze and cannabis, maybe that had something to do with it"

This is not what is supposed to be happening. Yes, I live in Thanet. Yes, I know this area is probably one of the worst for the immigration 'issues'. But CHILDREN? I literally despair of the state of the country right now.

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This was an economic vote, not an immigration vote (as mentioned previously immigration will still happen in any trade model we adopt like Norway) - but I bet those same people you mention MrLee would be disgusted if you called them racist. Lets not kid ourselves, there are some very nasty and undesirable people that voted out, but also some who genuinely thought they were doing the right thing.


When I got my cars geo done at the weekend I was in the waiting room watching TV with one of the staff there, Brexit was on the news, he said he voted Leave because 'I am fine with taking 1 or 2 years of tough living so that my daughter when she leaves uni in 2 years can get a job without worrying about all those immigrants' - this is the ridiculous feeling that we have going on en-masse here in the UK.

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