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  1. Potentially... I’m 3 hours drive from Peterborough!
  2. Basically everything from the Y pipe back is shafted. I’ve not succeeded in finding any cobra or scorpion ones so far, cheers for the pointers
  3. So... mines busted up! No Japspeed k1’s anywhere, I’ve found a K2 cat back but wondered if I’m missing a trick somewhere? On a bit of a budget so ideally looking between £300 and £400. Cheers!
  4. MrLee

    Clutch issues

    Need the expert confirmation! My clutch pedal is having issues again (pedal sticking to the floor when hot or after exuberant driving), would it be safe to assume my slave cylinder is on the way out? Also, I’ve noticed that when I put my foot down in 4th 5th or 6th, the revs spike with no immediate acceleration, drop back down and then the car kinda ‘catches up’. Clutch slipping and time to replace? Thanks!
  5. Yup I've emailed Kaizer as I think he's the closest to me (I'm in Ramsgate). I guess I've gotta go pick a new battery up locally.
  6. Well it's now completely dead. Won't even start now!
  7. Well it's not fixed. Today it struggled to turn over after being stood for a good 3 hours. Clock was at 1.05 (it was 7pm) and now my ESP off light won't turn off and the slippery wheels light is also on. Something is very very wrong here. It'll probably start fine tomorrow but I'm starting to lose my patience!
  8. Soooo... ECU codes didn't show anything concerning. The garage had the starter motor apart and refurbed as it wasn't in the best of conditions, and refitted the belt being extra vigilant over tightening correctly. The issues seem to have gone (touch wood), it sometimes has a drop in idle on starting but so far so good.
  9. So... I've had a squealing belt intermittently for a few months now, happens on starting the car and i believe from reading up that this is the AC belt needing tightening? However there's been a couple of occasions after driving about where the car has been laboured when starting again. It feels like a battery issue or maybe alternator, and I've been meaning to get it looked at. Last night, I left the car running on the drive for about 5 mins while I fixed a meter door on the house, took the keys out, let myself in the house to get changed, and went to go out again when the car refused to star
  10. Have you checked the roof for holes? Mine had this until I replaced the whole roof.
  11. Cheap as chips at The Range too. Oddly I don't think the bulbs have to actually be for your car, just spare ones! At least that's what I had when I went to Le Mans.
  12. Is that the Canterbury Jag showroom? And did you get the special button that does nothing except change the exhaust note? I love these, the noise they make is quite something!
  13. MrLee

    Best MPSS prices

    I've used camskill for parts before, always been very good. MPSS's are currently £126.95 for fronts, £150.65 for rears on there.
  14. I'm of the opinion that Matt could host it very competently, with the other Chris, Rory and Sabine. Eddie Jordan could be dropped, and that's a team that could rescue it I reckon.
  15. Is plasti dip just a case of spray it on? If it's that easy I'll have a pop.
  16. I just had the exact same about 6 weeks ago... went to Sly and paid £200 for the work including parts. And how much for pads?!!
  17. I reckon so, but in the grand scheme of things £12 isn't exactly a deal breaker, especially when the other companies were quoting at least £200 more.
  18. I'm 37, have about 15 years NCB and mine is £320! No one even came close at renewal time. Ironically it went up a whole £12 when I moved from where I had to park in the road to a much nicer house with a driveway (no idea why, if anything the car is far less likely to be damaged!). Also, the Zed was about £250 a year cheaper than my FTO, but I blame the fact that was a grey import. Oh, I'm with Swiftcover (for now), and previously was with Sky.
  19. If you do, can you let me know what it's like?
  20. I'll post pics as soon as they're on. Just waiting for my new nuts (!), threadlock, and then for a mate to come help as I figure I'll need someone to stand on the brakes while I fit the fronts. I still haven't quite worked out whether to just work on the jack (I have the ice hockey puck thing ready to go) or attempt to put the car on axle stands.
  21. I'm due to fit 25mm to the front and 30mm on the back soon!
  22. Well, it's all kicking off in the summit now! I've never been so interested in politics in my entire life!
  23. I've had my eye on these for a while... I'd love to know what the quality is like.
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