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Poppy time!!!!!!!!!!!

Bobby D

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I am not a badge of honour,

I am not a racist smear,

I am not a fashion statement,

To be worn but once a year,

I am not glorification

Of conflict or of war.

I am not a paper ornament

A token,

I am more.

I am a loving memory,

Of a father or a son,

A permanent reminder

Of each and every one.

Im paper or enamel

I'm old or shining new,

I'm a way of saying thank you,

To every one of you.

I am a simple poppy

A Reminder to you all,

That courage faith and honour,

Will stand where heroes fall.

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I was in London for a meeting yesterday and decided to take the afternoon off as the OH was out shopping. I walked from Green Park station to Harrods where I'd arranged to meet her. It took me so much longer than it should as I had to stop at the various memorials along the way. So sobering, the bomber command and royal artillery ones really had the hairs on the back of my neck standing.


I would've loved to have seen the tower but its mostly gone so didn't go that side of town.


We may not do a lot of things right in this country but I do think we honour those who have fought for our way of life really well be it through memorials and charities such as H4H and the RBL.


And I agree with others, wow gixxer, wow.



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Before anyone says it, yes this is a holy thread revival, however it's in the spirit of remembrance so do one!


Anyway, what's everyone's thoughts on this whole FA/SFA vs FIFA poppy argument?


I wear my poppy with pride in honour of my Grandfather and all the other soldiers who fought in the war. :poppy:


As for FIFA maybe the "brown envelope" wasn't big enough..!! :rant:

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I gave money yesterday as a donation and again today with my Mrs whilst shopping at Asda. She's got a poppy to wear whereas I prefer the more modern pin as it's not so easily bent out of shape on my jacket.


Great to see people wearing their poppies with pride.

I wear my poppy with pride in honour of my Great Gandfather who fought in WW1 and WW2, my Grandfather who fought in WW2 and all the other soldiers who help protect us & our country.



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I think FIFA have missed the point somewhat...I think the FA just wheel out a gigantic red poppy before the match for the national anthems and leave it in the middle of the pitch. There are no rules being broken here, no political issue, no religious issue. Crazy.

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The Poppy has been appropriated by the political classes for the last decade to sustain & celebrate the savagery of war and it is definitely a political symbol, one that appeals to jingoism, racism and occasionally people who genuinely want to show their respects to the dead of both wars.


Wear one if you like, it doesn't bother me, just spare me the platitudes about 'sacrifices' and Britain being some kind of martyr to Europe when after the last year it's clear the UK doesn't give a @*!# about Europe or its people. The family who started the war sacrificed ****-all, instead boy was set against boy so that men without courage could expand their empires. George, William & Nicky. The fact this comes up every year saddens me just as much as thinking of the needless loss of life on both sides.

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I would disagree. Its about remembering people that have died, not to promote death and war. Its adopted by all across Europe not just the UK and has a huge export into Europe including those various nations fought.


Yes the wars were stupid, but they happened and its about remembering. Politicians wear one and use it as a political means to show some sort of patriotism like TM ranting in the commons the other day, but thats not what it stands for http://www.britishlegion.org.uk/remembrance/how-we-remember/the-story-of-the-poppy/

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There are some amazing subtle references in Blackadder goes forth. The craziness of what went on, it really was only 100 years ago, how did the human race really get to that point. The mind boggles. What is astonishing is that we are still at it, threatening each other, when the hell will they learn.

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Not sure what picking out some random image really proves? You could pick out images of people who are not a 'future soldier' holding a poppy too, it doesnt really mean anything.


Its not a political symbol, its not promoting religion. It can be used as a political symbol but so can anything, any image can be used by someone wearing a tshirt, I would imagine then you have football players heading out onto the pitch stark naked to avoid any sort of political statement (given the England kit itself is st georges flag based and that has been used by far right to promote political aims).

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FIFA were right. The rules are very clear, both FAs signed up to them (hell, they made them in the first place!), so I'm not sure why they're surprised.


Whether or not it's political is up for debate, so since that's in question it makes sense to not allow it. If you allow it for one then you allow it for all, and that's a slope that FIFA don't need to get dragged into. Where the FA went wrong was to ask permission: If they'd just put a poppy on the sleeve or chest of every shirt no-one would've batted an eyelid.



Should they wear it? Of course. Is it glorifying war? Of course it bloody well isn't.

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Oh. I'm sorry, being such a massive Poppy buff I thought you'd have recognized the British royal Legions 2013 official Youth indoctrination scheme.






Hard to argue that the British royal Legion is just a 'random picture on the Internet'. They got that much @*!# over the photo they deleted the original tweet.




I'm not here to start a flame war over what people believe in or how they show respect to the dead, I'm just making a point that the Poppy I wore as a child on rememberance Sunday is not the same as the one being worn today, for all the wrong reasons.

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