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  1. Can you get a meeting with your architect and Planning officer explaining your compromises really are compromising on your requirements as I feel even this latest application isn’t going to work for you In the long run ? As someone else said get evidence locally and talk it through rationally with them interestingly ours didn’t go to a committee. But instead was approved by a senior Planning officer.
  2. I can’t really help or add anything that’s already been said and I believe you will be in excellent hands with Ebizeds advise. However, I do feel your pain.... I’ve just been through something similar as far as a junior Planning officer refusing a perfectly acceptable application which has been approved on a similar propert around the corner. Essentially they wanted me to move back the front of the second storey back to avoid a terracing effect and wouldn’t accept a compromise which would mean we kept an en-suite in the plan. Spoke ke to my architect and asked why I couldn’t build forward of the building line to avoid the same effect. I’m building on top of an existing garage which sits proud of the front of the house already so why not.... i gathered evidence of where both both styles had been approved locally with street view images and links to the Planning submission.... they then accepted the original compromise. Now on to the next stage.... finding a builder and paying for the thing good luck, exciting times mate.
  3. Looks very similar to mine which I've misplaced..... I did have it on my desk in work for a while but it grossed people out
  4. They never feel quite right to me. I know that's a completely personal feeling.
  5. Bad news.... Xbox one isn't booting after attempting an update again.... so attempting an offline update again... Half hoping this doesn't work and gives me justification to buy an Xbox one x Missed out on the toys rnus preorders for snes classic so taking that and the above as a sign
  6. Very kind of you, leave it with me for now as I've just set some alerts up on the usual sites to let me know which is what I should've done in the first place It's probably a sign my mrs won't be happy if I get one too
  7. Yeah got further doing that method just now but no luck Thanks for helping though
  8. That site is stoopid. Add postode 'out of stock' try adding to trolley and locks up.... guessing they are getting hammered
  9. My forum name is sort of derived from Cannon Fodder. Early days of online gaming I typically played as 'Private Pike' (MOHAA mainly) when I switched to console gaming that name had already been taken so my LIVE gamer tag was my school nickname and fodder due to me being rubbish at gaming and the fact I loved the game back in the day.... when it came to the forum I wanted to remain somewhat anonymous so dropped my nickname bit which is basically my surname with 'sey' appended Edited due to mistakenly giving out my 'love' gamer tag
  10. ^^ this Also look at opportunities to over pay, I added 10% to my monthly payment once settled and it knocked a few years off the mortgage. At first you're paying mostly tax but as you chop away the scales tip... over paying comes of the loan amount therefore reduces the tax. Also new builds I'd be wary, as already said construction is done bare minimum and once you've moved in it's a nightmare trying to get them to resolve anything... the site reps don't want to know anymore and refer you to head office... the smiley flirty sales lady turns into a dragon as she's got her commission and F you. I've not bout new however I know plenty of people who have.
  11. Unfortunately 'milk' is not allowed across the threshold, she insists on the red top stuff..... not sure I fancy poaching them in milk first but you've got me thinking of a coconut milk poach would be good.
  12. Reading your posts in this thread and the above makes me think we have quite similar tastes I was planning on doing some bone in chicken thighs with sweet potato and normal potato wedges done on the BBQ tonight but it's raining here. Never tried a tomahawk steak but going to get a couple next time we have a weekend BBQ - steak for me is a weekend thing, try not to eat red meat in the week.
  13. I don't have a sweet tooth but do enjoy a good custard donut, they need to be fresh though and only the supermarkets tend to do them. KK's are ok but very sweet for me so struggle, again they need to be fresh.
  14. Real men eat custard donuts end of.
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