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My Little weekend project.....


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Little more progress today!


W brace swapped to new ultra racing brace.


Old Off and weighed. 4.15KG



New ultra fitted..



Ultra weight is bang on 4KG


Small weight saving of 0.15KG...


Weight loss for this = 0.15KG



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More work over the past few days!


This time I've ADDED weight!! Noooo lol...

So after my last few track days I've been getting high speed understeer. This I'm sure is down to the wing as its only at 70+ mph not in slow speed corners, and also Im running a non-square tire set up.


This is something I have wanted to build for years. A decent functional splitter that will help create downforce and help front end grip.


I built this splitter about 5-6 years ago before i really understood what i was doing but as time before my next outing on track is limited I have fitted it anyway!


Ita made from 9mm marine ply with edging strip sprayed black. Nothing fancy.


Ill cut to the pics of the install.


Durning the original build years ago..







Placed under the car ready to mock up.



During fitting... The splitter has 20mm box all bolted to it to add stiffness and give me some where to mount to. I have used all angle section to mount to the car as well.



The front section of the zed speed under tray has been removed (saved weight lol) and rear section of the z speed has been bolted to the new splitter to add stiffness and create a flat floor.



Splitter is totally separate to the bumper.. the bumper sits on top of the splitter but does not provide any support. all the splitter support comes from the rad support mounts.



Last but no least was the wire supports for leading edges. The centre section of the splitter is stiff but the outer edges have a small amount of flex as these are far from the hard mounts. The stainless steel wire helps reduce this a lot.



Bumper back on...



Centre section still needs the air dam to work properly but that will come tomorrow I think.



88mm ground clearance



Gets very close coming off the drive... I do want it another 20-30mm lower so may have to mod the drive lol



Also my OCD bits have come to keep the sexy nerd wheel clean when moving the car about with dirty hands lol...





One last thing is I have removed one of the two OEM horns to save a little more weight! The splitter has been tested to 100mph and all good so far! Track test at donny next week!

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So i managed to get the zed out on track on Wednesday in some very very wet conditions :)


Booked on for an open pit lane day at Oulton only to fail the static 105db noise test! I had tested myself only days before using a decent SPL metre i have and got 95db at the same revs and distance etc! The guy doing the testing said i was 108/109 and its down to the low cloud and heavy rain! Not sure if this is correct but seams far fetched to me...


So anyway... I went off and fitted my exhaust turn downs I have had made to help me pass the drive by limits..


These are TIG welded 3.5" to 3" turn downs that can be swivelled to for the noise in one direction :)













With these fitted I past the static noise test (he was being nice I think as he did tell me what i did static dB but said lift off on lodge corner as thats the easier drive by metre to clip)


First few laps were a joke... Car was still set up for the dry so very very stiff and almost no body roll to add grip. Came back into the pits and softened the rebound on the dampers off almost all the way, dropped tire pressures down to 28psi hot too. This made a large difference and helped grip.


Car was performing well, brakes nice and strong but having to be very gentle on throttle and watch out for standing water as the R888 would just let go if you hit standing water mid corner!


by 1pm the track had a dry line so I was getting quicker and quicker, slowly stiffening the car back up to dry set up and have a great day! That was until I was black flagged for noise on drive by.... More grip was allowing more power down and the car was getting louder.


The getto fix was on the cards..


Amazon prime the day before had dropped off stainless steel wool handsome 90mm stainless steel sieves which i used to pack the exhaust tips with :)








All was going great till about 3pm when I changed 3rd to 4th gear and my short shifter snapped in half! lol.. Left stranded out on track i had to be towed back to the pits. Unable to fix it there I had to borrow a set of mole grips to use a gear leaver to get me home. All in all a great day! ahahah









Few images out on track in the wet :)



















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Some more progress....


My arms and spring buckets have been finished at the powder coaters :) Gunmetal metallic...







After snapping my last @*!# japspeed (cheap Chinese copy thing) in half at oulton park Ive gone for a much better quality one from torque solutions. Its made from one solid piece of stainless steel with a bearing rather than a bush on the bottom for more solid feel.





Ill review this item after its fitted and tested.


Next on the list was to sort out a solution for reducing noise for circuit days while not making the car so quite and boring its no fun anymore.


After trying the turn downs at oulton and having some success I've gone for extra slip on silencer system thats for quite days on track and can be removed to leave the car loud for loud circuits.


Extra Ebay parts.... 2 x 3" ID resonators (4" Dia to keep weight down and make sure I'm clear of the back of the car and not melt it!) 2 x 3" 90 degree bends..





Sort of how it will look once welded up.







The Idea is to cut off the silencer in and out pipes and weld the bend direct to them to make it smaller, A brace will be welded cross the two cans making it one piece. Ill use the rear tow hook as a mount to support the weight of it and build in a tow eye to that too so its track friendly.


Fingers crossed its quite lol.....




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Just run them flat make the inlet bend to the furthest away from the car silencer longer before the bend. So the silences can be horizontal. You can then just make a heat shield for the closets silencer to the bodywork.


Again the outlet pipes can then be angled downwards to help as well.


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Cheers mark. I did think of mounting them horizontally but its harder to mount to the tow eye and more welding work. Im getting a few bits tig'ed for £20 at a local place but they dont/cant bend and fab up extra pipe etc.


If its meeting noise tests then i may rejig it and go horizontal. Not fully sure on what i can get done yet.

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Finally had the time to fix my snapped gear linkage and fit my gearbox mount today!


First PITA job was getting the car up in the air!



Gearbox supported, and chassis member removed.





Old rubber vs. Poly new.




Mount refitted, I had to use a new bigger diameter bolt as the OEM bolt with harmonic balancer was far far to small for the bore on the torque mount. This meant i needed to drill the captive nut out on the back of the chassis support.





New torque gear shifter fitted too, It was a little harder than the last to fit as i had to butcher the old broken shifter to get the cup out and refit the new shifter.



Bearing on the bottom is unusual and reduced play in system a lot.







Only bad thing is a I've managed to strip the front bolt thread so I need a loner bolt to replace the one that came with the kit to make sure its all done correctly.


Feed back on the kit after 5 mins of driving is.... FEELS AMAZING...... SOUNDS MENTAL...


Its has a ton more noise over the OEM mount. Like a different exhaust. You can hear and feel the gearbox inside the car now! The box also wines like a sequential!


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Good day out with the car on track on Friday last week :)


Open track event at Anglesey with a mate in his track prep'ed clio 172. Nice dry day and had an instructor for 30 mins first thing to get me going. Instruction went very well, Apart from not being able to hear him out on the track It really helped me dial in my turn in points and get my apex points correct.

Feed back from the instructor was the car felt very well set up and powerful which was good! My driving he said I need to be more controlled on releasing the brakes as this was effecting the car at turn in along with me getting on the throttle to soon causing plow understeer.


As the day went on I really felt like I was getting somewhere as very few cars were passing me (Radical Sr8 and a few cars on slicks) and I was confident using the throttle to tighten my line round bends I was struggling with early on.


Bad points from the day were the car suffering overheating badly! Worse than ever which I 100% think is down to my new ply splitter. There is a large gap for air to flow around the rad pack which I need to create some ducting to seal up and force air through the rads as its so annoying when your in the grove and the car is climbing on the OEM temp gauge which normally never moves.....


Very well run day with open track and I would highly recommend them! Food, Instruction and photo's included in the day price was nice!!


Car in the pits...



Few pics of the car on track...

















Also went out in this really well set up E46 M3. Well driven too...




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Should have posted this before the track stuff but oh well.... LOL...


Prep'ed the car for anglesey at my local DIY garage again.


Full oil and filter changer with some nice Castrol FST Ti 5w-40 and a brake bleed with fresh AET Blue fluid.




Front disc's have some heave pad letdown on now...





Underside of the splitter fitted. (This will take my full body weight 120+ KG hanging off it with my hands placed at the point where the cables are mounted)



Ultra racing brace looking clean still.



Some bad bits..... Ive managed to brake a mount on the CF rear diffuser which has caused it to catch the air and hit the ground and burn a hole in it :(



Also I have picked up the final version of my slip on track spec exhaust. I've test fitted this ready for a circuit that requires it.



Its mounted off a 16mm stud that is screwed into the rear toe eye, and slipped over the rear can tips. Bolted up, its rock solid!



Should have enough space here to stop the rear bumper melting! I hope!





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More work on the nissan today!


I have been looking at tire options for getting more grip over the current R888 set up and I have two options. Switch to larger tire size, or more to a better tire i.e. slicks.


Slick put a large amount of stress on the car through high lateral loads so one of the upgrades that I have been told is needed is to use high strength wheel studs. ARP extended wheel studs have a great reputation so I have gone with these. These also allow me to use a 5mm slip on spacer to widen the front track if I need to.


Tarmac sportz supplied me with the studs to replace the front wheels with today.




To fit these the old studs need to be removed from the hub, there is a few ways to do this but i was advised the easier option was to just knock them out with a lump hammer! A few knocks and there out! Just use an old wheel nut to protect the thread incase you ever need them again!


Stud removed.



New vs. Old



To fit the new studs slip them into place and add a few decent size waters to the front of the hub along with an open ended wheel nut. I used an impact gun to then wind the stud splines home.







All fitted and wheel back on.




Next job on the list was to try and make a start in controlling my cooling on the motor.

I have always had the car running hot on track but since fitting my splitter the cooling has got significantly worse. Anglesey a few weeks back I was only able to get a warm up lap 5 hot laps in before my OBD reader alarm was going off at 230F followed by the OEM coolant gauge at 235f starting to rise quickly!


I could get more laps before this happened by running the heater on full HOT but this is a nightmare in a ca with no windows and reshot metal from the exhaust and gearbox making the cabin extremely hot.


My thinking is the splitter has removed the front section of the z speed under tray and left a decent size gap at the bottom of the intercooler which is allowing cool air from the grill to bypass the rad stack and exit under the car.


Solution I hope is to duct the air from the gril into the intercooler which will force air via the AC condenser into coolant rad.


Fab'ed this from all sheet i have in the garage :)



test fitted.



Brushed to clean it up with steel wool.



Weather sealing strip added to seal off against the IC.



Riveted on to the splitter supports.



Gaps sealed with duct tape for now.





Hard to see but now its sealed to the IC. Im hoping this helps a lot or the next stage is to look at adding pusher fans that are on a manual switch for when the car i on track.


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Just a little more work that I've been meaning to do for ages! The cars oil temp runs between 80-95C and has been as high as 110C (cooler than the stock car ran with this huge oil cooler!) But as the car comes together and has its final map the boost and revs will be going up and so will the heat load. Not the best looking mod but very functional!


The oil cooler had less than half the surface area exposed to the airflow (You can see the dirty patch that has seen the air!) so now the airflow can get to alot more of the cooler. This has dropped my motorway running temps 10C! That should help alot when tracking the car too!


Few pic's of me "hacking" holes in my car! haha.








Apologies for quotong older post but what front lip is this? Exactly what I am after. Thanks

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Apologies for quoting older post but what front lip is this? Exactly what I am after. Thanks


I believe it's a Varis lip, but they're rare as hens teeth so good luck finding one.




Sent from my Zed using Nangkang tyres front, RE040's rear

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Apologies for quoting older post but what front lip is this? Exactly what I am after. Thanks


I believe it's a Varis lip, but they're rare as hens teeth so good luck finding one.




Sent from my Zed using Nangkang tyres front, RE040's rear


These Varis Lips were quite common a few years ago, if you were near Chobham, Surrey, during something called a Mod Day :D



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