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Jumping350 Build - Reborn 17/4/2018


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Thanks all, and it was a relief when it turned over ok you cant believe!

Also wanted to say thanks to everyone for their help (GMB, Adrian, Keyser, Wasso, Chris B, Bennett) and of course others for helping and answering my countless questions of which without this wouldn't of at all been possible. This is the best forum ever in terms of information, help and friendliness. I have wanted to go FI with previous cars but never had a collection of people knowledgeable and nice enough to make me feel confident about doing it.

Next stop sort out an appointment with Jez and see what I get out of the beast :drive1

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small update, checked car over to make sure all is ok, seems good so far.

Had to shave more off the Veilside to get intercooler to fit properly with it, sits perfect now



now have to problem of where the number plate will go :wacko: , as I think it will block too much of intercooler in its old spot

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haven't updated for a while so finished some niggling bits today.

After removing the sump and checking everything for the oil leak it turned out it was because the barb for the oil return on the sump was just over 10mm and the i.d of the hose from the supercharger was 15mm :doh: didnt matter how much tightening of clips was done...it was gonna leak




Instead of ripping the build apart to change the hose I put this together with some 12mm hose and a 12mm/17mm barb reducer



I cut the oil return hose to the right length (was pretty tight fit) and put everything together making sure the drop was right from the hose to free flow the oil back to the sump...pretty happy and should hold up with no leaks now...I pray :lol:




Back to my previous oil cooler woes and today I managed to to tighten everything up and started routing the braided hosing




and routed out to the front ready for the last thing on the list....mounting the oil cooler




stay tuned for oil cooler fitting :teeth:

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Cheers GM, aren't those illegal? id happily do that but think it would attract the plod

Seems to be one of those things were some say they are illegal & some say legal (I don't know tbh).

As long as it is a reflective vinyl, with correctly spaced lettering which is the correct size, marked with a manufacturers make/postcode & a BSI mark then I believe it is legal AFAIK. :shrug:


Could be wrong though but I'd imagine it would be extremely unlikely that you'd get pulled for it by the Police.

Link: http://www.dmb.uk.com/prod/2424/custom-number-plates-stick-on-reflective

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Bit of a pointer...measure your oil cooler mountings after you fit the supercharger :wacko: All the marks and measuring I did before were made redundant because the intercooler piping wasnt in place before :rant:

This meant the oil cooler couldnt go where I originally planned and will now probably have to be at a half cocked angle om the crash bar


not a problem you say...go to put bumper back on and....



yes!! the holes in the Veilside hit the oil cooler and stop the bumper from lining up properly :dry:

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like a glove!!




ive made enough room so I can mount the oil cooler lower down and directly in front of the holes as at the moment it is sitting a bit higher




To help with the **** angled mountings I bought these mounts to help the situation




nearly ready for permanent mounting :teeth:

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Headed out today while I had some time to measure up and fit oil cooler


rough mock up with some holes drilled already,




Took a while to get the Mocal mount in the right place and the holes marked out properly on the crash bar




Then routed and connected oil lines




All bolted up, i still need to cut one more threaded bar and am short about 9 washers and nuts but at least thats the easy bit :lol:




Bumper back on and lines fit nicely inside bumper and round




Setup back to sandwich plate




After all the faffing around....oil cooler bang in front of Veilside holes B)



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