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Windscreen Wiper Arms - Respray


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After much looking around for new wiper arms "couldn't be bothered painting them" with no luck i decided to paint them so off i went to get some supplies and needless to say the mini project has started, didn't take any before pics on the car however here are some with the corroded areas worked down to the metal, i only had a little bit of paint bubbling but when i took them off it was a little more widespread that i thought but hey ho not worth doing twice so lets do it right first time...


Will upload more pics as i get on with them.




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I did mine a couple of weeks ago, undo one nut under a plastic cap and they lift easily off. Just note or mark the position before removing them. I sanded mine back and then used an etch primer followed by a good few coats of silk black spray paint. :thumbs:

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This is a plan for the winter, take them off bead blast them then give them a nice new coat of paint. was just unsure of what paint to use


Use any paint that is okay to use outside. I got mine from Halfrauds.

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Mega easy to come off as said above, flip plastic cap off, 14m socket so remove nut, life the arm off and away you go, I also detracted the washer jets to make sure I got everywhere,


Took plenty of pics along the way, actually got them back on the zed now so will upload my pics as soon as I can charge my iphone. I used halfords grey primer and satin black. Very happy but as always the work is in the prep and you need to do plenty to get a good result.


In the end I think I did 3 primers coats and about 6 paint coats with a couple rub downs along the way.


Pics to follow ;)

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Thought i would share some pics & process i used, given the time i would have used plasticot but given that i hate to wait i picked up the following from halford, grey primer and satin black paint, other have also said its a good idea to mark the position of the wipers before removal but i couldn't be bothered and it didn't cause me any issues :




Step1 - Removing the wiper arms

I found the bonnet a bit too low so got help some someone to hold it up as far as it would go however a piece or wood or mop pole would do the same job. Then just remove the plastic caps with a flat screwdriver, they should flick right off "dont lose them" i did lucky i found it later on :) They you will need a 14mm socket to remove the but, once loose you should be able to remove by hand, mine just popped straight off but if they are stiff give them a wiggle or press down on the far end near the hinge on the arm and it should just come away, they remove the rubber hose, just pulls off with a little force.





Step 2 - Prep the arms

Once off i suggest you use a screwdriver or something similar to remove all the very lose bits, i then used some 80-grit paper to really work down the damages areas. My best advise it give them a good going over when i could initially see was small but actually had a lot of bubbling all over. I also used a small power tool with a wire brish head to help remove some of the "pitting". Once the crud is removed i used 400 grit paper and then 1200 paper to smooth the whole arm. Once happy i give them a good soapy wash.







Step3 - Primer

Once they are fully dry from the wash i started with the primer, first i applied 2 coats about 15mins apart then after about 20mins i gave the whole arm a gentle rub down with 1200 grit paper. I then applied another 2 coats again 15mins apart before giving them another rub down, below is the end result after the primer. Remember to keep the can about 9in away from the wiper arm and move at a consistent speed "common sense i guess"






Step4 - The Paint

I applied 4 coats about 15mins apart before giving the arms a gentle rub down with 1200 git paper, I then proceeded to add about another 4-5 coats to be honest think i may have added too many but i got carried away... I left them a good 40mins to dry before adding back on the zed






Step5 - Adding them back on

Simply repeat step one in reverse order again i found it easier to have someone lift the bonnet as high as it would go so that i could get them into position. I placed them where i thought they should go, tightened nuts by hand then gave them a nip with the socket. To be honest i did have to remove and re-align the passenger one as it was first too low, then too high. Had i marked it before removing i doubt i would have had this issue but to be honest it only added about 5 extra mins so wasn't a real issue.


The end result:





This was my first attempt at doing this and considering that fact i was very happy with end result. I would suggest anyone to give it a go !!!! SO pleased with the end result i have been looking for other things to paint :) Thinking of doing center console next :)

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Ah I was just looking for something like this. Mine has corroded and one of the arms is partially white. Looks like bird @*!# on them. They have been painted before. Isnt it just easier to buy new ones? Anyone know where I can do this?




£36 from Poland. Might justtry and spray them myself! How much did you spend in the end?

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