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  1. When looking for any car, use Arnies website. It is free to check if any car was ever in a salvage auction and find out all the MOT history. For a few quid you can also get true idea of the real damage: https://www.vcheck.uk/search/SB09ZEN/
  2. Tiny air leak upsetting the balance maybe? You could nip up the plenum bolts just in case. Also a quick check of the accordion on the air intake just before the tb to check for cracks?
  3. I like that layout as the angles mean get you more finesse over the smaller throttle opening where you want it for pootling about
  4. There are loads of cheaper exhausts out there but for me this one is the biz: 5Zigen Pro-Racer the sound is just fantastic. When you tickle along it growls, when you flatten the pedal it screams at everything behind you. It's fantastic. There are some youtube vids out there. Unfortunately many have stupid music over them but you will get the idea. As it happens, there is a used one on ebay at the moment along with some a Y-Pipe and racing cats. Given theses are full stainless you should be able to clean it up and save a lot of money. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162905575545
  5. Nice and smooth Are you doing any aesthetic work on the block too? i.e. remove the toblerone effect? Or is it all about the mechanicals for you?
  6. I'm having a crap few weeks. My jobs being really hard and I'm dealing with some very difficult and exacting customers. Colleagues all seem to be unable to do anything without asking for my decision or approval and the burden of responsibility is getting pretty heavy - too many things to juggle at once and to much at stake it I make a mistake. Ok so no-one will die (its computer systems) but the stress levels are pretty high. At home, my wife is generally great but is a bit fragile at the moment for various reasons and needs a lot of reassurance and attention - something I have very little brain space for although I do try hard. She gets the priority but that then makes work all the harder. To take my mind off work I run a small sideline in fixing car keys on eBay. More fool me I suppose but I try very hard to give good service and go over and above what I have to do - getting to the post office fast if someone has an urgent repair, replacing extra parts at no cost if I see they are faulty, giving free advice instead of trying to flog a repair if they don't need it. Today someone complained that I had replaced the battery in his key when the one in it was already new. I don't test batteries as they are almost always knackered: I fling them in the recycler and fit a new one every time. Because he had bought it at sainsburys for £5 he thinks he should have a £5 refund or else, even though I've fitted a brand new one and the exact brand he bought is available on ebay for £1 including postage. Even though I've offered to send out or pay for a same-brand replacement. It just makes you wonder why you bother being good to people in general when they can be such bell-ends back to you. Ok, its a wallow of self-pity I admit that. And nothing on what some of you might be going through. But sometimes you just need to vent and sometimes you just need a kind word.
  7. Bakkums posted this link : https://store.jenvey.co.uk/throttle-body-kits/nissan/nissan-vq-35l-sf51-taper-kit-with-curved-air-horns-cknn02c-kit
  8. Sounds like they are full of air. You may have a fluid leak- have you checked the reservoir level? If its low check under the car and look for leaks.
  9. Yes, I suppose it does bent the mind a bit with the calculation and one step wrong an a large, expensive block is a doorstop. If you are using an insulating spacer anyway I guess it would seem silly to waste the opportunity
  10. please don't strike me down with wrath, but couldn't you have designed the oval to round transition in the inlet milling? Or was that a computational step to far for your setup? Perhaps it's as simple as it's just easier in the gasket/spacer, not necessarily the ideal solution? I only ask as the transition could be more gradual but maybe that doesn't add much value?
  11. Is it you who posted the correction comment
  12. Yes, may be of interest to a friend of mine who is looking for a S5. I've emailed them and we let you know if they are interested so you can swap numbers.
  13. Haha, great narrative arc with happy ending
  14. I'm not a fan of the Gashqai myself, but I like the Juke R 2.0 https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/nissan/juke-r
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