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Hi all,


Some of you have already seen our 370z TORQEN DEMO car, but for the others that haven't, we're beyond thrilled to bring you the first look at TORQEN's DEMO car – a 2017 Nissan 370z NISMO MK2 that we've been working on for the last few months. This vehicle represents the epitome of our dedication, passion and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of Z potential!


As you know, the 370z NISMO is already a phenomenal vehicle right out of the box, but we decided to crank up the notch, transform it into a true masterpiece, and showcase what TORQEN is all about. 


Let's talk specifics – this 370Z isn't your typical 370Z NISMO. We have not left a stone unturned and have added a plethora of premium TORQEN and select aftermarket mods that are sure to make every Z owner drool! Right? :D


Starting with the performance, we've enhanced the stopping power with the TORQEN XTREME Big Brake Kit and unlocked some more ponies with TORQEN's ZORST Full exhaust system, TORQEN High Flow Cats and a Z1 cold air intake.


Now, onto the aesthetics and aerodynamics, the car has received a complete carbon-fiber makeover, courtesy of TORQEN's Carbon front wings, bonnet, rear wing, front bumper lip, and side skirts, mirror covers. The front and rear bumpers have also received a partial carbon treatment to perfectly blend with the entire setup.


The carbon addition doesn't stop here! The engine bay flaunts a TORQEN Carbon engine cover and Titanium engine bay bolts.


Lighting has been taken care of by TORQEN Headlights and TailZ tailights, with additional Front wings side repeaters providing that extra flair.


Underneath, we've fitted a TORQEN Undertray for enhanced airflow. Inside the cockpit, you'll find a sleek RealJapan red Carbon steering wheel and a RaceSeng Gear knob. We have a surprise in store in terms of the gear shifter, more on that and the hand brake soon!


The suspension has been upgraded to K-Sport Super Sport true coilovers, perfectly complemented by Kinetix front and rear camber arms, ISR toe arms, Kinetix traction arms, and Whiteline antiroll bars for that perfect stance and superior handling.


In short, this DEMO car is not just a build; it's a labour of love and a testament to TORQEN's dedication to Z enthusiasts. 


We've successfully completed the first stage of our 2017 Nissan 370z NISMO DEMO build we're thrilled to say - this Z has already become a unique beast on its own.


But as they say, "the best is yet to come!" Now that we've laid down a solid foundation, it's time to venture into the performance realm for our 2nd stage of upgrades. We're super excited to announce that the next set of mods will focus on enhancing the core of this beauty - its heart, the VQ37 engine.


We're going to start with internal reinforcements to handle the added power and improve reliability. The lineup includes Eagle Nissan VQ37 H Beam Rod Set, Wiseco Nissan VQ37 1.198inch CH -15.5cc R/Dome 9:1 Piston Shelf Stock Kit, 370z ARP High Tensile Strength L19 Head Bolt Stud Kit, 370z Boundary Oil Pump Gears, and 370z Z34 ARP Main Bolt Stud Kit, 370z Nissan OEM Engine Repair Kit and the super-proven TORQEN Complete Timing Chain Kit.


For the ignition tweaks we'll be utilizing the trusted HKS Nissan/Infinity VQ35/37HR M-Series Spark Plugs (One Step Colder). 


But that's not it! We're also upgrading the cooling system with a 370z TORQEN Heavy Duty Water Pump and a 370z Nissan OEM Thermostat to keep temperatures under control, followed by a special oil cooler kit developed in partnership with Laminova. 


To ensure we feed this hungry beast, an Aeromotive 450lph In-Tank Fuel Pump and Injector Dynamics 1340cc Injectors-48mm Length-14mm Grey Top-14mm L O-Ring will be installed, running through a CJM S1.SE 370z fuel return system and top hat.


Finally, the torque will be transmitted to the wheels through a 370z OS Giken Triple Plate Clutch Kit - R3C Billet Aluminium Cover, and an OS Giken LSD spec-X with 1.5-way 35/55-224 kg setting to maintain that grip and driveability, with super fast activation.


We believe these mods will take this already beastly 370z NISMO to a whole new level of performance! So, buckle up and stay tuned because the fun is only just beginning. As we continue to test, tweak, and optimise this build, we look forward to sharing our journey and receiving your valuable input.


Mods list:


  • TORQEN Big Brake Kit - XTREME - 8 Pot 405mm,  6 Pot 380mm
  • TORQEN NS-ONE 20” wheels
  • TORQEN ZORST Full exhaust system
  • TORQEN High Flow Cats
  • TORQEN Carbon front wings
  • TORQEN Carbon bonnet
  • TORQEN Carbon rear wing
  • TORQEN Front bumper partial carbon
  • TORQEN Front bumper carbon lip
  • TORQEN Rear bumper partial carbon
  • TORQEN Carbon side skirts
  • TORQEN Headlights
  • TORQEN TailZ tailights
  • TORQEN Front wings side repeaters
  • TORQEN Aluminim undertray
  • TORQEN Carbon engine cover
  • TORQEN Titanium engine bay bolts
  • TORQEN Recaro Nismo seats back carbon covers
  • TORQEN x CoolerWorx PRO limited edition short shifter
  • TORQEN x Patrick Galligan limited edition titanium and carbon handbrake
  • TORQEN carbon interior - mirror covers, door handle carbon covers, door barrels carbon covers, arm rest carbon cover, speedo crown cover, rear strut cover
  • TORQEN complete set silicone hoses
  • TORQEN carbon roof
  • REAL Japan Carbon steering wheel
  • Z1 MotorSports cold air intake
  • K-Sport Super Sport true coilovers
  • Kinetix front camber arms
  • Kinetix rear camber arms
  • ISR Performance toe arms
  • Kinetix traction arms
  • Hotchkis Antiroll bars
  • Nismo OEM 2018+ door handles
  • Nissan OEM 2014+ DRL
  • Full geo suspension setup by GeoByLuke
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
  • Full detail and ceramic coating by CRX


Detailed build photos, installation stories, and (of course) the performance numbers will follow!

Thank you for reading!







IMG_4438 (1).jpeg



















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3 hours ago, davey_83 said:

Will make the car in my opinion 👌

Definitely, they look class


Moving the number plate or a retractable plate would also make a huge improvement, looks out of place there especially for a show car

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54 minutes ago, LRF4N said:

Definitely, they look class


Moving the number plate or a retractable plate would also make a huge improvement, looks out of place there especially for a show car

I agree - spoils the whole look of the front end with the plate where it is - sorry, just my opinion as well.


Otherwise, love the whole build.

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22 hours ago, Adrian@TORQEN said:

Yes, just slide the seats all the way to the front. 5 minutes job each seat once you added the 3M tape.

thanks for the info. I may be interested in a set later in the year dependent on price. 

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23 hours ago, rodgeevans said:

Now I want 370 nismo seats even more in my 350 🫣

I'd love those nismo seats and sexy seat backs in my 370 too...the only trouble is I have the roadster so I'd never get to look at/see them though! :lol:


Recaro seats are properly cool as it is for me, and those seat backs are just the cherry on top for sure. :wub:

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  • 4 months later...

While we're waiting for the new TORQEN NS-ONE wheels to arrive early next week, we did a bit more work on the car today.


We fitted the TORQEN x CoolerWorx Limited Edition short shifter, the TORQEN arm rest carbon cover and the TORQEN x Patrick Galligan Limited Edition hand brake. 







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  • 2 weeks later...

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