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Hi everyone! Happy New Year! 💌


Oh, how I missed travelling to Japan!  What other better opportunity than Tokyo Auto Salon 2023. 


This year I'll be travelling with my colleague @Coz@TORQEN and we'll be visiting a lot of our partners in Japan. Looking forward to the crazy builds, meeting old friends, see the new Nissan Z, the new GR86 and any other Japanese surprises, while introducing Coz to the amazing Japanese cuisine, culture and night life.


We'll post lots of photos in here as usual, as well as on our Instagram.


Stay tuned for more!



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  • Adrian@TORQEN changed the title to *** TORQEN *** TOKYO AUTO SALON 2023

I've seen this show before in Youtube videos etc - along with Japan itself of course, it looks absolutely epic.


Myself and a few mates are driving over to Germany in April to visit Techno Classica Essen. I've suggested previously that the Tokyo Auto Salon should be the destination one year soon! 

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Fabulous pictures @Adrian@TORQEN 😎


25 minutes ago, andy james said:

This show always displays the very best cars and company’s that are willing to push the boundaries of modification.


Pushing the boundaries can also equal some very fugly cars 😂

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stunning place !! some very cool modified cars and some not so much 😅 but obviously will always get this


the cars on the Gt Revolutions stand though 🤩👌

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