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New Member, 370z NISMO 2016

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Hi All,


Been lurking in the forum's a while now. Got my 2016 Z back in August 2020, now I am familiar with the car and have done some minor mods I thought I should join up and try to help fellow Z owners and give something back to the community that's helped me.


Car was totally stock when I bought it as far as I can tell. Bedfordshire based, trying to get to meets to talk to other owners and get inspiration for what to do next.


Small Mods List so far for those interested;

1. Auto windows up for driver and passenger side. (Not sure what else to call it)

2. Boot spacers to fix boot opening on first try (more of a fix than a mod)

3. K&N Panel Filters

4. Android Auto retrofit, initially using a Raspberry Pi, now using Android system.

5. DAB via Android usb

6. Removed clutch helper spring


Hopefully more mods to come but I like keeping things stock looking.


Excited to be part of the Z community 😁


Edit: Added Picture


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Welcome to the OC :wave:.

Nismo 370z .......what a way to join:thumbs:


According to Google maps the big Zed meet at The British Motor Museum is only about an hour away from you.



Could be over 100 Zeds attending :teeth:


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