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Solo Road Tripping the 350z around Belgium


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Hey all,


I'm planning a road trip for myself through Belgium.


Heading to Ghent first for a few days to see a friend then off to Spa - North Luxemburg  - Bastogne - Tintgny - Heirges then stopping the night in Divent.

Then Divent - Chimay - North through the Lakes - Thuin - Mons - Tournai - Calais A25 (Stop the night) then back to South Wales.


Should be quite the drive, as I think there are some places along this route that don't always hit the "best driving roads" lists.


Total of around 900 miles.


So, I've driven on the continent a few times (to Belgium), no issues there. 

But does anyone have any advice for a long road trip such as this, any tips that might be out of the ordinary?

Or any other tips for a solo road trip?







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I really hope I don't need the tent and sleeping bag!

Not planning on speeding but always good to keep an eye on things.


What's the latest on documents needed these days?

UK Licence, copy of insurance along with V5 is enough now isn't it?

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I did 4400 miles around France, Andorra, spain, Gibraltar and Portugal a few years back in the 911 on my own. I 100% took a sleeping bag, trust me you’d rather have one and not need it…


Aside from that, all you need is health insurance, breakdown cover, lots of spare fuses and spare power cables for your phone etc. Just enjoy it, long road trips on your own are ace and be prepared to adjust your route/hotels on the fly in case you fancy doing something different. Like me, when I went to Gibraltar unplanned :lol:

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Ah yes I did come across that.

I'll double check my route but I'm staying outside the zone.  So, so long as my route doesn't cross it, I won't need to worry about it.


Cheers, though.



Just checked and I'll be driving outside of the zone so all clear on that.

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That's not a bad idea.

I was just thinking about packing a basic tool kit for any issues but didn't think about a few spare sensors.


Thankfully have an OBD scanner and torque on the phone should I need to use it for basic code reading too.

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On 24/07/2022 at 12:39, GranTurismoEra said:

Stick religiously to the speed limit?! 

Ive driven quite a lot in Belgium and was going to say the opposite, just drive as fast as you want as there are no police anywhere, if they do stop you say you still thought you were in Germany :lol:

If you can coincide Spa with a track or test day then do it, you can access the whole circuit from the service roads and some of the views are quite epic (Pouhon and the bit past Blanchemont particularly)

Dont bother trying to speak the local lingo as youll end up speaking Dutch to a Frenchman and vice versa, avoid Brussels unless you like stationary traffic and Nurburgring is only 2 hours from Spa ......... ;) 

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My best mate did that on our last trip to Spa: walked to the counter in the services and in very nervous but adequate French asked for a ham and cheese toaster with a double espresso, only for the lady behind the counter to reply “thank you for trying, but I don’t speak French!” in perfect English :lol: I was in hysterics then when I tried to order a pizza next, as Mark slunk off very embarrassed to our table :lol:

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I did mange to book a table in my very broken French in Spa a few years back.

They didn't speak English but I got us a table.

Fingers were used to for counting.... :lol:


Then we were joined by our friends who live out there, so speak perfect Dutch, French and English.

Put's us to shame really.

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Boring stuff but......


1.  Make sure your insurance is aware, also you need a green card, from your insurance to state you are fully comprehensive insured.


2.  Take out adequate breakdown cover, green flag offer a great package for driving in Europe that covers FULL recovery of your vehicle, back to the UK, amongst other benefits.


3.  Copies of the V5 and, well anything to do with insurance.


4.  Travel and health insurance


It can get quite expensive, very quickly without adequate cover, for both you and your car.

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