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Hi guys,


I’ve been on the forum for a while. Only replied a few times, couple of posts, but nothing of note. 

Thought it best to introduce myself properly at long last. 

Had the 350z for 4 years now. Bought it standard and reasonably well looked after. It’s my daily and I do enjoy the fact that it’s also a labour of love. 

We have seen some changes during the ownership. Cobra high flow cats, full scorpion exhaust, lightweight flywheel and twin plate clutch, jwt popcharger, hks intake tube, uprev courtesy of the chaps at Horsham (Great guys), some 19” 370z alloys and a mk1 Nismo kit. Among other things...


Some of the stuff I’ve luckily picked up off of here, so thank you to the members that have helped me along the way. 


In the Berkshire area so will be glad to attend some events and meet some other owners in the future. 

Sadly had to miss out on Ace this year as the car was getting a little more of that love, didn’t fancy arriving in the courtesy Ford Mondeo estate. 

Anyway, thank you to everyone that’s helped me out and I look forward to helping out and seeing some of you in the future. 





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Hi and officially welcome to the club. Nice looking car, the 370z rays do look great on a 350z. But then again I am bias as I have some on mine from my old 370z :lol:

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Thanks for the kind replies.


I’ll be sure to try and get to some of the organised meets around Berkshire or Surrey. 

Andy, I agree with you. I was about to book a refurb of the originals when those alloys came up, took a chance on it and I couldn’t be more pleased. Makes such a difference. 

Thanks again all. 


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