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Hi All


Had the 350Z a couple of years now and thought it really was about time I joined the OC


Proud owner of a 2003 Japanese import coupe in orange?...gold? (Le Mans Sunset)




No major mods yet...just trying to replace as much rust as possible, although, as I'm sure is the case for most, I have plans

Looking to do quite a bit with the interior and definitely needs some new wheels to start with

Also have an exhaust on order courtesy of Torqen

Long term plan is to keep it NA, eventually shooting for 350bhp for obvious reasons

I'll save the turbos for the R33 GTR which I'm sure I wont have to wait for my inheritance to afford 🙃


Try to daily it as much as possible and does the commute back and forth to Liverpool nicely

Based in Cheshire so a weekend drive through Wales is always on the cards too


Sadly I don't have any enthusiast friends locally, so I'm really hoping to get to some meets later in the year (assuming this virus mess continues to clear up) and get to know some like minded chaps and chapettes


Love my slow, heavy, rolling rust magnet

Unfortunately the latter is becoming a bit of an issue at the moment and is another part of the reason I've joined

Need to track down a new fuel filler neck among other bits, but that's for another thread


Pleasure to meet you all and look forward to joining in future conversations rather than just reading them

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On 29/05/2021 at 22:30, davey_83 said:

Ello n welkom


An import with Brembo brakes, good shout as hopefully has an LSD also.


Sold as unmodified, so I assume so, it has VDC too

I haven't actually checked


On 29/05/2021 at 22:19, HEADPHONES said:

Welcome to the OC:wave:

Another Sunset Orange owner here from Cheshire too :thumbs:.

They do look mesmerising at night don't they:victory:


Yeah, especially when it catches a street light

I'll have to keep an extra eye out for you

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Welcome to the forums. I didnt have local Z buddies either and ive had 3. Still having good roads, bumping into other Zs "not literally" and getting down to meets makes up for it. 

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